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Having fun with my new HIDs and Led lights. I had notice that i had a flickering problem till i did some reserch online. I needed a wire harness for my high beams. So i went out to my local auto parts store, picked up a relay switch wire harness for the relay,tape, wire, and some elbow grease. Picked a set of HID light kit from EBAY for a good price and went with it. Here the Addy http://stores.ebay.ca/JAEDARAUTOMOTIVE?_trksid=p4340.l2563 I don't think you should go any hotter tho.. looks like you melt the plastics around your headlights. Thanks for watching.


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00-02 Saturn SL2 55 Watt HID / Bi-Xenon Projector Retro-Fit by Sick HIDs
These are 00-02 Saturn SL2 headlights retro-fitted with 55 Watt-10,000k HID / Bi-Xenon Projectors, 4 White CCFL Angel Eyes, Audi Style SMT Super White LEDs, Blue Devil Eyes, Projector Replicas in high beam locations & Custom Formed ABS Bezels. This retro-fit is available for all years, makes & models...... any way you want it (built "custom" per order) @ www.sickhids.com

D.I.Y. - How To Install LED Dash Lights
Subscribe Comment Like Interior LED Swap for 97-02 Camaros http://www.v6f-body.com/showthread.php?t=2151 Took me about half an hour to 45 mins Here's what you'll need: (2) Map lights - 4410xHP12 LINK HERE (97-00, 01 & 02 see note below) (1) Hatch light - Rigid Loop Festoon Bulb RL4410-xP9 LINK HERE (10) Cluster, glove box and ash tray lights - WLED-xHP6 LINK HERE (order 12 if converting 2001 or 2002 map lights) (2) HVAC lights - 74-xHP3 LINK HERE (1) 3mm NEOWedge LED LINK HERE

Saturn S-Series Manual Transmission Shifter Cable Replacement
This video shows the replacement of a broken set of shifter cables on my Saturn SL-2. The Ebay user to look for if you need a replacement shifter bushing is Saturnbushingman. He has an option in Delrin or you can go with a Stainless option.

Pimped Out Saturn SL2 (Subs, TV's, Pa System, TInt, Playstation, Blacked Out)
UPDATE: got new 18" Konig rims with Kumho tires, front license plate and bar across "grill" in the front were both removed, subs and tv's were swapped due to badd trunk rattle with NO solution. so tv's are in the trunk, got "shag" carpet in the trunk and on the bk of the back seats, black emblems, "Saturn Racing Team" decal on the top of the windshield, painted calipers and drums black. repainted the dash, painted molding above the windows black, Weapon-R cold air intake, and more. so pretty much I need a new video ASAP. lol *2 12 inch Type R *Q-Logic Ported/Sealed Box *2 15 inch Sony TV's *Power Acoustic PTID-6500 *150 Watt PA System (Speaker is OUTSIDE) *Kenwood KAC-9104D *Blacked-Out Taillights and Side markers *Sony Playstation 2 *Painted Headlights *5 % tint *Bulldog 200 Deluxe Remote Start All installation was done by myself, including remote start and tint job. Any questions or comments are appreciated!

Slammed Saturn
My buddies Saturn SC2. Recently put the wheels on and wanted to lower the car a bit more to get them fitting like they should. Wheels are Rota IKR's 17x9 +20 w/ 205/40 Kumho Ecsta ASX.

Saturn Transmission Line Pressure Control Solenoid Replaceme
This video chronicles the process of replacing a Line Pressure Control Solenoid (inside the valve body) on a 1999 Saturn SL1 A/t w/80k Miles. The symptoms were that the transmission was slamming into gear when shifting. The solenoid was purchased from the dealership.

Repair cvt VT25-E/VT20-E, Saturn, Opel.
http://www.avtoakpp-cvt.com Demonstrated inside the repair of variator VT25-E/VT20-E (continuous variable transmission: CVT), mounted on car Saturn Vue 2,2l 2002-2005 and Ion Quad Coupe 2,2l 2003-2004. Also installed on the car Opel Signum 2004-2007 and the Opel Vectra C 2004-2007. Ремонт вариатора VT25-E/VT20-E. Saturn Vue, OPEL.

just a little video i made of my recent project

Saturn Head Gasket,Water Pump Replacement Part 1
Saturn Head Gasket,Water Pump Replacement Part 1

2007 Saturn Sky
A 2007 Saturn with a LS2 430 HP V-8 in it...very cool Car....ck it out!!

Saturn Head Gasket,Water Pump Replacement Part 2
Saturn Head Gasket,Water Pump Replacement Part 2

turbo saturn vs. supra
4-door turbo saturn vs. supra

Bottom Dogbone Motor Mount Replacement
Saturn S-series Bottom Dogbone Motor Mount Replacement

Saturn Training Video - Engine Repair
Saturn Training Video - Engine Repair

1998 Saturn SL2 OEM Foglight install
This also corresponds with a thread here: http://www.saturnfans.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1872261#post1872261 It has some pics that you can go by to help with correct placement of fuses and connectors. Parts: OEM foglight switch board and button pair - foglight brackets pair - light housings 1 - 87a relay 1 - 15amp fuse 6 - Junction box connectors Necessary wiring and connectors 880 bulbs x2 tools: 1/4" ratchet 10mm socket 13mm socket 7 or 8mm socket Wire cutters Phillips and flat head screw drivers Any other tool necessary to move things out of the way. I found everything I needed at the junkyard for 20$. Depending on your JY, it may be more or less. The bulbs I got from O'Reilly Auto Parts. Wanted to point this out because it happened to me. I pulled everything from a 1999 SL2. However, the 1999 SL2 foglight bracket for the driver side is not compatible with a 1998 SL2. The passenger side lines up but for some reason the driver side bracket does not let the light housing line up with the hole in the bumper. It's rigged for now until I can locate one. Everything else worked just fine. Try to find the correct year and go from there. I would really say the main purpose of this is the wiring. Additional note: went back to the JY and found 1997 Brackets which worked like a charm! Switch install: 1. Pop out the plastic rivets on the center dash and remove the plastic cover. The switch panel should be attached to that cover. 2. Remove the switch and disconnect from wire harness. 3. You can either install the new switch panel or in my case, I swapped the old board from mine. And carefully removed the plastic button from the junkyard one and installed it onto the panel that came from my car. 4. Put everything back together and switch is done. Wiring: 1. Remove battery, battery bracket, and the air filter housing so you have more room to work. This also means the battery is disconnected so you won't be able to electrocute yourself or short anything out. 2. Disconnect the positive lead to the underhood junction box (UHJB). 3. Unbolt the junction box from the frame. There are 2 10mm bolts holding it in place. 4. Remove cover to the UHJB and unscrew the second 2 10mm bolts holding the pin cover in place. 5. Remove the fuses. I took a picture of the fuse setup so I knew where they needed to be returned to. Every box is different depending on the accessories already installed. 6. Remove this second cover that is covering the fuse connectors. 7. Install the 6 junction box connectors on the posts indicated in the video. 8. Reinstall pin cover and flip the junction box over. You will need to pop open the bottom to reveal the wiring harness. 9. The grey wire harness is the one to remove. It is held in by either a 7mm or 8mm bolt. 10. Remove the top blue locking pin and insert the two foglight wires (Purple) as indicated in the video. Then reinstall the blue locking pin. 11. Remove the bottom locking pin and insert the ground lead (black) for the driver side as indicated in the video. Reinstall blue locking pin. 12. Bolt the grey harness back to UHJB, close the bottom cover and turn upright. Then bolt back to the frame, install all the fuses and screw fuse cover back on. 13. I'm assuming everyone has removed the wiring from the junkyard car and brought it with them. the wiring was removed intact with the bulb plugs still attached to the wires. Take the drive side plug and drop it through the hole in front of the UHJB. The passenger side one you will need to snake in front of the radiator and drop it through a hole near the headlight. If you want to be thorough the ries are supposed to go between the radiator and the frame. That takes a bit more work to follow the wire bundle that way. 14. Take the ground lead for the passenger side light and connect it to the grounding hub which it located in front of the washer fluid reservoir. Unscrew it from the frame. Pop out the white locking pin, pop the connector into any open slot and reinstall to frame. Brackets: 1. Remove the foglight dummy cover. 2. I installed the passenger side first. There are two bolts with 13mm nuts already on them. Remove these and line the bracket holes with the protruding bolts and tighten the nuts over the bracket. That simple. 3. Do the same thing with the driver side. I had trouble with this one as noted earlier. Make sure they are for the correct year you are working on. Once brackets are installed, and all necessary bulbs installed and plugged in go and test them out. Hope this helps. If something is missing or there is a question don't hesitate to ask. I'll answer as soon as I can.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1991 Saturn SL2 Sedan: 11.809 @ 116.488
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Carlos Ramos, Engine: LLO 1.9 DOHC, Turbos: Garret T3TO4B Tires: bf goodridge drag t/a's

1994 Saturn SL2 Nitrous: 13.650 @ 102.100
Bill Eppes, Engine: 1.9 DOHC, Supercharger: None Turbos: None Tires: 205/50/15 BFG Drag Radial

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jason yarbrough, Engine: 1.9 DOHC, Tires: 195/55/15

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jason yarbrough, Engine: 1.9 DOHC, Tires: m/t slicks on that pass

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Green Monstah, Engine: N/A DOHC, Tires: BF goodrich

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Wayne Fajkus, Engine: 1.9 DOHC, Tires: 14

1997 Saturn SL2 : 14.769 @ 95.120
Mike Matson, Engine: 1.9 DOHC, Tires: Street tires

1994 Saturn SL2 : 14.802 @ 91.640
Jon McCullough, Engine: 1.9 liter (Stock Internals), Tires: 205/50/15 Avid H4's (crappy)

1992 Saturn SL2 twin cam: 14.840 @ 96.650
Will Jackson, Engine: 1.9 dohc, Tires: 205/40/17 kumho(205/50 15 shaved bf goodrich for r

1991 Saturn SL2 : 14.870 @ 102.546
Jer Scantlan, Engine: 1.9L DOHC, Supercharger: n\a Turbos: n\a Tires: Falken Ziex Ze-512 205/60R15

1992 Saturn SL2 : 14.923 @ 94.550
Will Jackson, Engine: 1.9, Tires: 205/50 15 shaved bf goodrich

1992 Saturn SL2 : 15.092 @ 91.001
Alfonso Garcia, Engine: 1.9 DOHC, Tires: factory

1994 Saturn SL2 : 15.133 @ 89.290
ken holland, Engine: 1.9L, Supercharger: n/a Turbos: n/a Tires: 20-8-14

1998 Saturn SL2 : 15.505 @ 88.210
Jeff, Engine: 1.9L DOHC, Tires: Kumho Ecsta 712

1997 Saturn SL2 : 15.510 @ 89.479
Jim Davis, Engine: 1.9L Twin Cam, Tires: 195/60 Dunlop D60 A2

1993 Saturn SL2 Sedan: 15.520 @ 87.180
Aaron Dickerson, Engine: 1.9 DOHC LLO 119,000, Tires: BF Goodridge 195's

1995 Saturn SL2 : 15.600 @ 90.020
Patrick Sobers, Engine: 1.9DOHC 130,000,


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