Having fun with my new HIDs and Led lights. I had notice that i had a flickering problem till i did some reserch online. I needed a wire harness for my high beams. So i went out to my local auto parts store, picked up a relay switch wire harness for the relay,tape, wire, and some elbow grease. Picked a set of HID light kit from EBAY for a good price and went with it. Here the Addy I don't think you should go any hotter tho.. looks like you melt the plastics around your headlights. Thanks for watching.

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00-02 Saturn SL2 radio Install (After Trim Removal)
Continuation from this video. This is the removal of the factory radio and replacement with an aftermarket one. Disclaimer: I am not a licensed mechanic and the knowledge I have is purely from research into different problems I have been trying to resolve. As this is a major procedure for this vehicle, I will not be responsible for any damage or other mishaps that might occur should you decide to pursue the repair after viewing this video. This video is intended to be for informational purposes only.

LED lights on my 1997 saturn sl2
my saturn and its new exaust, and my green lights

Untuned Dyno Run 7-9-05
Untuned Dyno run #3 at Modacar in Livermore, CA. 20psi Boost with inadequate fuel supply through injectors.

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