Two at the Top (Ford Granada launch film) - 1971

When Ford chose to replace the enormous Mk IV Zodiac and Zephyr range, they took a massive leap forwards with the new Granada and its cheaper brother, the Consul. Smaller than its forebear, it was lighter, faster, and smarter. This is a shortened version of the launch film for both cars, and shows how high Ford were aiming with this car in terms of the cars it was competing with.

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Ford Granada Mk I Ghia Launch - 1974
This film launches the Ghia as the new high-end addition to the Ford Granada range. The Ghia offered such luxuries as body contoured seats, "real Belgian walnut" trim and an electronic digital clock. The slogan "Ford Granada, the feel of total engineering", sets the tone for this range.

Capri Report (Launch of Ford Capri MkIII) - 1978
Hosted by Michael Rodd, this film was made for Ford dealers about to get their hands on the new Ford Capri MkIII. It looks in detail at what made the Ford Capri such a sales success for Ford, spanning from the humble L to the 3-litre S and Ghia models.

Top Gear, 1983 (Series 11, Episode 4)
Tx 27 September 1983. William Woollard reports from the Autoquip '83 Exhibition from Earls Court. Sue Baker test drives Ford's new Orion and looks at car anti-theft systems. Frank Page reports on the dangers to motorists of spray from heavy lorries.

IAA 1977 - Ford Granada | Opel Rekord | BMW 633 CSi | Renault R4 (2/3)
Auto '77: 47. Internationale Automobilausstellung in Frankfurt am Main - Eine Sendung des Hessischen Rundfunk mit Fritz B. Busch und Frank Lehmann 1:58 Ford Granada GLS und Ford Granada Diesel 5:50 Ford Fiesta 8:28 Interview mit Opel-Pressesprecher Klaus 10:14 Opel Rekord E1 12:12 Opel Monza und Opel Senator 15:25 Pilotanlage bei Opel 18:44 BMW 7er, BMW 3er und BMW 520 23:33 Diskussion über Tempolimit 27:57 Peugeot 504 Cabriolet 28:25 Ford Granada GLS 28:43 BMW 633 CSi 29:45 Sigla Verbundsicherheitsglas Colorama grün mit Grünkeil 31:17 Peugeot 604 Ti 33:55 Peugeot 104 35:28 Renault 20 TS und Renault 30 TS 37:25 Renault 4 (der 5.000.000ste R4) 41:00 Renault Monasix 42:00 Marlène Charell