simple fun with an IS300

what happens when you disable the traction control of a manual IS with a limited slip differential

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140mph run on the Salt Flats in a Lexus IS300
July 2007 top speed run on the Bonneville Salt Flats in a Lexus IS300.

Lexus IS300 Supercharged
koshi's hellaflush is300 supercharged

IS300 VSC OFF Button.

Limit Pushing - Lexus IS300 Manual 0-60 Test
Pretty cool video and a pretty good time even though Lexus took strides to make this thing feel slow (even with the 2jz engine under the hood). The manual transmission is a pretty rare option for the 2002 IS300 so this was a lucky find. The Lexus IS300: The Lexus IS series was introduced in 1998 to be slotted below the ES in the Lexus lineup. It was originally named the Toyota Altezza (Italian for "highness") in Japan until the introduction of the Lexus brand. The Altezza name also refers to the chromed taillights fitted to the first generation model, known as 'Altezza lights'. According to Lexus, the "S badge stands for "Intelligent Sport". The first-generation was codenamed XE10 and launched in Japan in 1998. The XE10 variants were released to the rest of the world after 1999. The XE10 IS300 was powered by a 2JZ-GE I6 engine which produced 215 hp. The original IS300 was only sold with an automatic transmission until 2002.