simple fun with an IS300

what happens when you disable the traction control of a manual IS with a limited slip differential

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Understanding Limited Slip Differential
This video is aimed at giving a clear explanation on working of LSD with help of animation. Working of clutch pack based LSD is elaborated here.

Lexus IS300 snow drift LSD part 1
Rare car with a stock Limited Slip Differential! Nice skills, too. Starring: myself behind the wheel. Fun fact: I found out that I couldn't turn off the ESP and stability control. The internet found this: is300-traction-control-cheat-code.html and it worked! So the jokes on the disbelievers!

Turbo Lexus is300 Drifting
Some drifting fun in a turbo Lexus is300

Lexus IS300 Enthusiast Review and Test Drive
The IS300 is a great choice on the used car market if you are looking for a fun, good looking and reliable 4 door sedan. The hard to find manual and optional limited slip differential is recommended