GReddy 35RX GT-R - Fuji Speedway Top Speed Challenge

Visit for more information. TRUST, Japan R&D project for Top Speed Challenge, GReddy 35RX GT-R. Fearless Option Video driver Tarzan Yamada takes to the Fuji Speedway for high speed test, over 200mph! 1250ps via GReddy 4.3l stroker engine and twin TD06-20G Twin turbo kit. Type-29 Intercooler, DCT Cooler kit, DCT cooling pan, high-flow Intake Manifold, GReddy Exhaust. Art Factory LIvery. BenSopra wide-body Aero kit.

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Directed by Stephane Benini

Nissan’s R35 GT-R stands among the few high-powered machines to roll off of a Japanese assembly line. Even with a $100,000-plus price tag, it still manages to sell with consistency throughout the world. This versatile chassis can be found in a variety of motorsports competition, from hill climbs and time attack, to FIA GT, Super GT and in America, drag racing and top speed. When the R35 first arrived in the US, the Dynamic Autosports/Hankook Tire team was first to compete the chassis in professional drifting. Despite its allwheel driveline, heavy chassis and high cost, Trust and Kawabata agreed that in order to make championship power and torque while satisfying the new rules, the GT-R was the right machine to build upon. With that decision, the 35RX Spec-D project began. GReddy R35 GT-R Performance Products Exhaust SYSTEMS: (more) 10128294 94mm GReddy Supreme Ti Exhaust (more) (2x 80-94-2x80mm Y-back, NOW with 125mm Tips) 10123300 90mm GReddy PE-R Exhaust (more) (90 - 4x 60mm Cat-back) 10520602 Circuit Spec Y-Pipe (more) (2x 76.3-90mm Y-pipe) 10520601 Circuit Spec Front Pipes (more) (2x 76.3mm Front Pipes) INTAKE SYSTEMS: 13522330 RX Intake Manifold (more) (Price drop!) (3pc cast-Alum. Plenum) 13522331 RX Intake Manifold SPL(more) Update! (w/ additional injector bosses) 13920401 RX Spl. Intake Mani Piping Kit (for use with RX Intake Manifold) 13920460 RX Billet Throttle Body Kit (more) (Big bore Elec. Throttle Bodies) 12020906 Intake Suction Kit -Long Type (more) (w/ 2x Airinx Intake Filters) 12020907 Intake Suction Kit -Long SPL NEW! (w/ 2x Airinx Intake Filters) 12020943 Aluminum Hard-Piping Kit -Std. (more) (w/ 2x Type-RZ Blow-off Valves) 11521205 Twin Type-RZ Blow Off Valve Adpt. Kit (for factory piping set) 11521205 GReddy R35 AVC (more) (MAF - Adapter Voltage Correction) COOLING SYSTEMS: 12020483 Twin Type 06 R-spec Intercooler Kit (more) (w/ side diversion plates) 12020486 Type 29 R-spec Intercooler Kit (more) (w/ full piping & blow-off valves) 12024301 Optional carbon I/C air duct (more) (for Type-29 Intercooler, 2009-11 only) 13526110 Optional Washer Tank (for Type29 I/C and/or DCT Cooler) 12024810 DCT Transmission Cooler Kit (more) (for 2009-11 model years) 12024811 DCT Transmission Cooler Kit (more) (for 2012-on model years) 14520450 DCT Billet Oil Pan Kit (more) (w/ dual Neo Mag-drain bolts) 17501302 Type-RX DCT Fluid Coming Soon! (DCT speciality fluid) GR9 / GR8 / RX POWER SYSTEMS: 11520101 Twin TD06-20G turbo Upgrade Kit* (more) (w/ cast Exhaust manifolds) 13923101 RX High-Flow Fuel Delivery Tubes (more) (w/ 14mm billet fuel rails) 23000009 NGK Racing Competition Spark Plugs NEW! (more) (Heat Range 9 - Iridium) 13521400 96mm Bore Metal Head Gaskets (0.8mm thick for OEM bore pistons) 13521401 99mm Bore Metal Head Gaskets (0.8mm thick for 98.5mm bore) 13521402 100mm Bore Metal Head Gaskets (more) (0.8mm thick for 99.5mm bore) VRCNCHD GReddy CNC'd Cylinder Heads (more) (complete head assembly) VRBTPIS VR Billet Piston Sets (more) (call for options) VRFGPIS VR Forged Pistion Sets (call for options) VRCROD VR Forged Connecting Rod Sets (H-Beam design) VRSHORT GR9 VR Stroker Engine (Short Block) (more) (GR38, GR40, GR43 options) VRLONG GR9 VR Stroker Enigne (Long Block) (more) (GR38, GR40, GR43 options) OTHER R35 GT-R PRODUCTS SELECTIONS * Rocket Bunny NEW (more) * Ben Sopra * Top Secret * Dodson OTHER GReddy R35 GT-R SERVICES GSERVTCM R35 TCM Reflash Service GSERVDCT DCT Transmission Upgrade Service Second video is Masato Kawabata's Nissan GT-R r35 rx35 Music:

Top Secret R35 GT-R - Part 2
Yes, it was Smokey himself, on a 800ps GT-R. This video was taken on his way to the track for a drag race. [Official Website]

1,200hp GReddy R35 GT-R
Photos: Not only its looks, but its performance is a real beast! [Spec] - Car Name: GReddy 35RX Concept - Base Model: Nissan GT-R (R35) - Top Speed: 326km/h - Engine: VR38DETT GReddy Mod. Engine - Displacement: 4,309cc (V6 4.3L) - Max HP: 1205.9ps/6,880rpm (Boost 2.0kgf/cm2) - Max Torque: approx. 150.1kgfm/4,840rpm - Suspension: GReddy Suspension Kit (Prototype) - Brakes: Endless Racing MONO6 - Bodykit: Ben Sopra - Interior: Racetech RT4009HR, TRS Magnum - Wheels: Prodrive / GC-01 12L - Front: 10.0J+40 x 20 - Rear: 11.0J+25 x 20 - Tires: Dunlop / SP Sport Maxx GT - Front: 285/35R20 - Rear: 285/35R20 [TRUST website] *in Japanese -