Yarra Valley - toyota surf

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Toyota Hilux Surf in Woodhill
Our playground

toyota 4runner
toyota 4runner on bronco hill

Land Rover против Тойота Хайлюкс Toyota Hilux.mp4
Land Rover вес 2тонны, дизель 122л.с.,КПП механика. Surf вес 1800тонны, дизель 108л.с., КПП автомат.

devils pit 4x4 toyota surf. Slimey, that clay!
What a morning! First time at Barton. I liked the look of it from what I'd seen here. And yes, the ground when wet Is like driving on a Greased rock! Great day out! Just followed the masses, as you do..... We watched a good handful of trucks go for this. A couple made it, but 4 or 5 needed extracting. It just got deeper and deeper! A rock of chalk had created quite a hole, so I had a go at it with the marshals pick. Time and effort well spent. We can move again!