RRS 3 link rear

Install of the RRS 3 link rear suspension set up in to a 1964 Falcon wagon

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Street or Track 3 Link Install overview
Watch as we cover some of the steps to install our 3 Link rear suspension system. We also have a quick overview and close up of our Full Floating 9" Rear End that can be built to plug and play with the 3 Link.

RRS front strut and disc installation....
A 6 minute video detailing the installation of the RRS phase 3 strut and disc brake package

RRS Shock Tower Notching Kit
Installation of RRS kit. Chopping shock towers in Ford engine bay to make space.

RRS Suspension 101
Matthew Pankau from RRS talks straight about the ups and downs of suspension, from vintage muscle cars right through to todays modern technological advancements.