Exposition Motorcycle Meeting

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Boekelo - Motorradtour der Youngtimer und Oldtimer
http://www.gm52film.de Oude Voertuigendag - Nostalgietag in Boekelo Nähe Enschede (Holland) Am Bikertreff zu den Ausfahrten durchs Grenzgebiet Musik: Zero Projekt - Gothic - Lizenz: Creative Commons by3.0

Moto meetings in Drakula's country 1
Everything what can happen at a meeting of motorcyclists

faro moto meeting 2007 Abjohnmarks
Faro Moto Meeting 2007 - Portugal John Marks

Crazy Croatian's - Motorcycle Meeting 2005
Motorcycle Meeting Croatia Sisak 2005, enjoy this crazy guys ;-) Filmed by myself and the winner was, like always, DUDO from SISAK ;-)