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How to Autocross Faster - Ep 2 - Perfecting The Slalom
Autocrosser Jeremy Ault talks about and provides tips on how to slalom on an autocross course in the shortest time. Other topics include the slalom formula and backsiding the ...

What's it Like to Drive a 2.4L Stroker Evo - Part 1
What is it like to drive a 2.4 stroker Evo around town? Here I drive my freshly built 2.4L stroker engine Evo (with 272 cams and stock 9 turbo) around town.

Autocrossing a 400 WHP Evo VIII on E85 in Crandall, Texas
Stock motor with 272 cams, upgraded turbo, coilover suspension, running E85 at 28 PSI of Boost to make just short of 400 AWHP. Crandall, Texas - Feb 24, ...

Evo VIII Death and Rebirth - Part 2 - Damage Assessment
LIKE us at I pulled the head off the 4G63 Evo engine to take a look inside. What did I find? Carnage of course!