Russian Rotary Vane Engine

Rotary Vane Engine proposed to power Russian hybrid car 'ё мобиль' (Yo Mobile).

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Rotary Vane Engine (P1)
Some Rotary Project and Demo Material

Turbocombustion Green-Engine Technology See How It Works
Development of the TCEngine is halted in favor of a superior clean energy technology.

PMBO 2013 ~Russ's Final Entry Video... OVER 1/2 Million RPM NEO Sphere Air Bearing With ABHA Coil.
PMBO 2013 ~Russ's Final Entry Video... OVER 1/2 Million RPM 588,000RPM NEO Sphere Air Bearing With ABHA Coil. other entry will be posted here:

Супер двигатель без коленвала (Super Engine without crankshaft )
E-mail- телефон для связи +380675875132 Революция в мировом моторостроении Revolution in the world engine construction Technical specifications(Технические характеристики): Displacement(рабочий объем),cm3-1912 Rated power(мощность),kwt-1354 Torque(крутящий момент),nm-2849 при 3200 об/мин Cooling system(охлаждение)-Air type(воздушное) Fuel(топливо)-diesel Mass of the Engine(масса двигателя), kg-147,7 Fuel consumption (расход топлива),l/hour-5,67 Novel Internal-Combustion ENGINE! "ТОИР-МОТОР" I offer to purchase absolutely and basically the new engine, which is the invention and serial sample. (The patent is not available because of absence of funds). I offer to study outline of the concept of the new engine. It is well known-that the pressure force of gases developed inside of the cylinder of all types of internal combustion engines shares on 2 (because lever arm of crank is equal zero in top dead point and bottom dead point of a piston). Meantime the pressure force of gases of my engine (crank shaft less) is constantly multiplied by a lever arm attitude. This is the most important factor in my Engine " Effectiveness ratio of use of a lever arm" which exceed in 5.5 times the effectiveness ratio of use of a lever arm of a cranked shaft engines. The engine is unique, because its production can be started in any type of enterprise. The main advantage of my engine is a new mechanism of transformation of up-and-down motion of the piston in to rotary movement of a shaft. The coefficient of efficiency of the mechanism is 98,8%. (The higher is the coefficient of efficiency of the mechanism, the more reliable it is and the longer it will work). The new mechanism has much smaller dimensions and a high balance, a very high torque with a very low production cost (approximately 50-70% cheaper than the production of a crankshaft ).The engine service life and its reliability are much higher. Not less importance of my engine is a new timing mechanism for four-stroke engines of all types. The whole mechanism consists of two parts only, which allowed to simplify the design of inlet and outlet manifolds and to reduce its production cost for about 40-70% and to increase the coefficient of efficiency at inlet and outlet and to reduce the noisiness of the whole mechanism work for 80% (there is no friction between parts and no lubrication accordingly)/ All this matters increase the engine service life. The manufacturing of this mechanism can be started in any type of enterprise. Know How of my engine is also completely new hi-tech connecting rod -- piston unit, which is piston pin less. This reduces the total weight (the con-rod piston unit). This matter reduce inertia which improve properties of the engine as a whole and the engine service life. Know-how connecting rod- piston unit allowed to reduce the height of the engine block and of the piston as a whole reduce metal consumption and increase noiselessness of the engine. All my engines are designed on the base of above technologies which has nothing similar with existing technologies. Эскизная проработка двигателя-