My POS Truck

'75 Chevy Scottsdale 20. Small Block 350

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The POS chevy truck is done
Finally this thing is out of my shop

'75 chevy custom-deluxe
my 1975 chevy 1/2 ton custom deluxe pickup. this truck has the 350 motor, with a 3 speed manual transmission, that was sice changed to floor shift from the column. the truck is still in restoration, and will soon be receiving a custome built ash bed, in place of the stock steel one that rotted out.

Removing the bed off the now sold '82 Chevy C30 truck
This thing was at some point a wrecker, but some idiots removed all the cool stuff and built some side walls out of garbage and used the truck to haul stuff around for a carnival. We finally got around to removing the stupid thing and putting a regular bed on it for the guy who bought it. Without the help of the forklift, this would have been a bitch. All went smoothly, and the buyer picked it up with his flatbed the following week, and I got some $$$ to finance my vacation.

Broke Down Chevy Truck
1976 Broke Down Chevy Truck (is it 76?). I bought this $600 thing for my dad while I was in job corps. The transmission failed to go in reverse but other gears worked and then it sat for couple weeks waiting on our new transmission. installed the tranny few moments before this video n the truck wouldnt run anymore. We traded it in for a 87 chevy 350. I have no idea what happen after we traded it , i told them ill keep it so i have something when i graduate job corps , but it disappeared . (Dated: Winter vacation from job corps 2007-2008)