My POS Truck

'75 Chevy Scottsdale 20. Small Block 350

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'75 chevy custom-deluxe
my 1975 chevy 1/2 ton custom deluxe pickup. this truck has the 350 motor, with a 3 speed manual transmission, that was sice changed to floor shift from the column. the truck is still in restoration, and will soon be receiving a custome built ash bed, in place of the stock steel one that rotted out.

The POS chevy truck is done
Finally this thing is out of my shop

POS truck #2
An update on my POS truck. I have put "better" tires on it, closed the other 2 barrels on carb, powerwashed out cab, loaded with junk, and put some more oil in it =)

Removing the bed off the now sold '82 Chevy C30 truck
This thing was at some point a wrecker, but some idiots removed all the cool stuff and built some side walls out of garbage and used the truck to haul stuff around for a carnival. We finally got around to removing the stupid thing and putting a regular bed on it for the guy who bought it. Without the help of the forklift, this would have been a bitch. All went smoothly, and the buyer picked it up with his flatbed the following week, and I got some $$$ to finance my vacation.