My POS Truck

'75 Chevy Scottsdale 20. Small Block 350

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The POS chevy truck is done
Finally this thing is out of my shop

'75 chevy custom-deluxe
my 1975 chevy 1/2 ton custom deluxe pickup. this truck has the 350 motor, with a 3 speed manual transmission, that was sice changed to floor shift from the column. the truck is still in restoration, and will soon be receiving a custome built ash bed, in place of the stock steel one that rotted out.

Hitting straw bales.
Me and my friends hitting straw bales with our trucks. The straw bales are supposed to represent characters in our Beowulf & Grendal Movie for English class. So we hit the straw bales to represent killing characters. And its fun.

Wheelin' my 76 a little
went and did a little wheelin in my 76 chevy. nothin much mainly to just test out the truck before i start building it. i was in 2wd in the beginning and 4x4 towards the end (obviously)