Mazda Mx6 Dedication Video

Dedication to the beautiful mazda mx6, features mazdaspeed version and others.

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Mazda MX6 Foto 1993-1997
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Mazda MX6 exhaust sounds
Mazda MX-6 Exhaust sounds Mazda MX6 dual Exhaust ( by Mazda Mx-6 LS SSAC + 2.5'' Exhaust Check ( by Mazda Mx-6 Mystere Exhaust ( by Mazda MX-6 with broken Exhaust pipe ( by Picture: (

Mazda MX6 2.5i V6
petit essais il y a 2ans de ça.. que du bonheur avec quelques petite modifs deja simpa a l'époque!

Mazda Mx6 LS-Turbo
Cruising around town, attempting to get some clean crisp video to no avail. Cops and sunday drivers were everywhere and the wind noise drowns out the engine noise.. Looking into getting a Mic for the Gorpo.