Mazda MX-3 6-4-11 EESCC Coburg run 5 of 5 HD

Run 5 of 5... fastest run of the day for me - @ 42.159 seconds, top left roof mount. I was near speeds of 70mph on this run.

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6-25-11 ACCO Hoodoo run 10 of 10 HD
Run 10 of fastest run of the day @ 48.971 seconds - left rear wheel on my mazda mx-3. Results for event #3:

Mazda MX3 KLZE Dyno
MX3 KLZE 55shot direct Port Dyno Mods: V6 KLZE 10:1 J-Spec/ colt cam regrind 274/ Intake Longneck KL31/ Custom Elbow / CAI + GM IAT/ Overbored TB 67mm/ Headers Pace Seter 2.5" magnaflow/exhauts/ Valve Spring Interprep 195PSI / Clutch Stage 5 / Flywheel Fidanza 8.9LBS / Megasquirt Strand Alone running on crank sensor / MSD Ignition Stock Engine HP: KLZE v6 J-Spec KL31 200HP at the crank / 165F-LSB at the crank At the Wheel: N/A Best run: 186 Wheel HP / 166 F-LBS Nitrous Best run: 232 Wheel HP / 218F-LBS

Coche Mazda MX3 1993 echulado Y refaccionado en santiago por Mauricio cofre por
Coche Mazda Mx3 de Maurcio Cofre botado 3 años en un taller de la calera y reacondicionado Por

How to Replace Motor Mounts : How to Install a Motor Mount
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