Rx-7 TII and pontiac solstice race for pinks!

My rx7's maiden voyage down the 1/4mile after installing MS2, it was a 12.4@117 i took it easy off the line. my best of the night was 11.83@118

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"Solstice will blow up after ONE race"
Audi R8 refuses to race a Pontiac Solstice

Rx7 TII dyno run 361rwhp 309ft-lbs S5 hybrid turbo
took my rx7 back to the Dyno finally . 361.5 RWHP 309.3 Ft-LBS stock ports S5 hybrid turbo running 15-16 psi , KS chipped ecu with safc neo

My 04 SRT-4 Vs 08 Pontiac Solstice GXP
This was the best race all day! He ran 9.2@78mph i ran 9.1@83!

pontiac solstice vs mustang
pontiac solstice vs Mustang