Rx-7 TII and pontiac solstice race for pinks!

My rx7's maiden voyage down the 1/4mile after installing MS2, it was a 12.4@117 i took it easy off the line. my best of the night was 11.83@118

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The Big Big Practice Race
My throttle was messed up this is basically cruisen around at idle speed i noticed it went the same speed if i gave it gas or just coasted , I know some people live in a perfect world where the stuff they watch people build works perfectly the first time trying it out, but in the real world sometimes gotta do a bit of tweaking, its running really good now im gonna get new belts and try it out on the 710

Rx8 Hoon
RX8 Hoon subscribe to my channel http://youtube.com/mx3sleeper

How to Rebuild and Port a Rotary Engine : Part 7
Please Vote for my Video Entry in Mazda Canada's Defy Convention Contest!!! http://on.fb.me/HEooS1 only one vote counts In this video I finish off the ports on the center iron, and put my turbo's all back together.

winning back my street cred
pug1 told me there was a big race in inwoods then i get there and he wants to stack wood so i told him i would race him for stacking woods or not and ya dont see no wood stackin in this video do you?