Driving a 98 Expedition hard

Me making a run home from college and exceeding the speed limit...a lot. if you listen closely, you can hear the tires screaming in the background. I wonder why my check engine light is on...lol. it's a 98 with the 5.4L V8...and gets a nice 10-11 mpg.

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Hummer H2 Off-Road Course
Taking a Hummer H2 on an off-road test course

Removing clutch cable - 2003 r6
How to remove the clutch cable without undoing any bolts. Each bike is different, but every bike with a cable operated clutch should be able to be lubed using this method. On some, there will be a locknut that butts up against the clutch perch that will have to be loosened first. After loosening that and aligning the holes in the threaded screw and locknut, the process should be the same. Video 1

Travel League Bowling
Our team bowling at Redbird Lanes in Cahokia, Illinois. Just some random clips thrown together. I decided to try to work with Windows Movie Maker a bit. EDIT: Due to the number of people jealous about us being better than themselves, I have been forced to make the comments require approval. If you feel like posting a negative comment saying how you are so much better, give me a link to your video proving it. I know we are not the best team ever, but we can hold our own pretty damn well.

Fun in a Corvette
Me having fun in an 06 Corvette at The Drive in Las Vegas