BMW E38 Front License Plate Mod

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01` 740iLPower folding mirrors mod to a 00`Bmw 740i
Power folding capablities were not an option on a 00`. Make sure to get both mirrors, Passenger side module and Driver window switch with Power folding button

The best car in the world ever... BMW e38...
Bmw e38 is the best car evrer in the world... the only car that has a soul and a person ... and all the possible benefits ... speed, comfort, strength, ego, beauty, masculinity, advantage and much more ... the world there are 2 types of people, those who love the BMW E38 and those who hate him because he likes them a lot ... Last picture is from the 94 BMW E32

Classy - Slammed BMW E38
I do not own this song.

BMW 2001 740il (e38) Rear Quad Brakelight Modification
This is a short video showing people how to modify their rear taillights for an e38 series BMW. Mike Ritchie is performing the modifications,Dan Crane II is filming.