Halo 5 Air Engine

Halo 5 Was entered in Duke of Edinburgh Challenge Trophy at The Model Engineering Exhibition 2009 Sandown Made by me using a set of drawings from Liney Machines. Now a winner of a Gold Medeal at "The 2008 Model Engineering Exhibition" The drawing set and fixing pack are to a high standard. All the parts are made from stock bar. I have enjoyed making this air operated engine. I chose this version of a radial engine, as all the work that I have put in is visible from the outside. The only addition that I have made to the drawing set is the air manifold I wanted the radial crank to be easily seen.

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High-Speed, Oil-Free Mesoscopic Turbo-Generator
This Mohawk Innovative Technology, Inc. (MiTi) video shows a partially assembled meso-scopic sized portable power generator with a centrifugal compressor and radial inflow turbine. The generator is in the center. When operating the shaft is levitated on a film of air by the MiTi compliant foil gas bearings. For this video speed was about 200,000 rpm, when assembled it has been operated to over 500,000 rpm. Once completed this machine will be able to produce 500 Watts of power.

Steam Engine from US patent # 6647813
Steam Engine from US patent # 6647813

Radial Air Engine
This is a video of a simple, model oscillating radial air engine I built in 2007. In this video I am running this self-starting engine with an air compressor. The plans for this engine came from McCabe's model engine website (http://npmccabe.tripod.com/steam.htm). I made a slight modification by using ball bearings and an outer bearing to make the crankshaft more stable. The cylinders are steel, and the pistons are brass rod. Each cylinder has one hole at the end of the bore for the inlet and Exhaust port. The three manifold pieces are drilled for inlet and Exhaust passage of the air from the compressor. It is routed as you can see from the manifold block at the back where the airline comes in. The flywheel was machined and mounted on a rotary table to mill the spokes. The engine has very little output power because it runs on less than 10psi air pressure. This engine was a fun build, but it isn't an efficient style engine.