Halo 5 Air Engine

Halo 5 Was entered in Duke of Edinburgh Challenge Trophy at The Model Engineering Exhibition 2009 Sandown Made by me using a set of drawings from Liney Machines. Now a winner of a Gold Medeal at "The 2008 Model Engineering Exhibition" The drawing set and fixing pack are to a high standard. All the parts are made from stock bar. I have enjoyed making this air operated engine. I chose this version of a radial engine, as all the work that I have put in is visible from the outside. The only addition that I have made to the drawing set is the air manifold I wanted the radial crank to be easily seen.

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Early Run of My V-Twin model Engine by Terry Mayhugh
Just completed ... mostly machined on a Tormach PCNC mill with SolidWorks/SprutCam CAD/CAM plus manual lathe work on the cast iron cylinders, pistons, rings and crank. One inch bore with 1.25 inch stroke. Built entirely from material from a local scrap yard. Plan set available from Jerry-Howell.com. Mayhugh engine V-twin vtwin tormach howell

Radial Air Engine
Radial Pneumatic Engine that runs on pressure, vacuum or both. In this simplified design each piston is a logic gate or valve (depending on you point of view) controlling the other piston it is coupled with. Powered with a unique continuous flow bellow system. Made with Scroll Saw Band Saw and Drill press. My Air Engines all use my Piston-Valve design. Plans now available at JEPLANS.COM

Dampfsternmotor Steam Radial Engine
Gefilmt am 11.07.09 beim Dampfrundum in Flensburg. Wer mehr über das Flensburger Dampfrundum erfahren möchte, der klicke bitte hier: http://www.flensburger-dampf-rundum.de/ Flensburger Schiffahrtsmuseum: www.schiffahrtsmuseum.flensburg.de/

High-Speed, Oil-Free Mesoscopic Turbo-Generator
This Mohawk Innovative Technology, Inc. (MiTi) video shows a partially assembled meso-scopic sized portable power generator with a centrifugal compressor and radial inflow turbine. The generator is in the center. When operating the shaft is levitated on a film of air by the MiTi compliant foil gas bearings. For this video speed was about 200,000 rpm, when assembled it has been operated to over 500,000 rpm. Once completed this machine will be able to produce 500 Watts of power.