CMS performance 240sx VQ swap

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Compilation of my VQ Sentra
Compilation of my street action. Some runs are on drag radials, and some are on cheap street tires. Enjoy!

Supercharged V8 240sx on ramp fun....
Engine Vortech supercharged VH45DE out of a 1995 infinity q45 with a 300zx twin turbo 5 speed and competition clutch twin plate for cool rev matching. This is what its like to drive this car while its not sideways.. just a 3 thru 5th pull and shut down.....I know I'm an asshat for doing it on the street.

jason evers vq 240sx story Jason Evers VQhr powered s13 silvia Jason's Channel: Please comment a recommendation for the next video. Filmed and edited by: Cale Saurage and Mason DeLee

240sx vq dyno.mpg
240sx vq Dyno