180MPH in the streets of Baltimore

Izod Indy racing cars on the straight away(Pratt st.) at the Baltimore Grand Prix Friday 2, 2011.

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ALMS Cars miss turn Friday at Baltimore Grand Prix.
First practice run at turn one with the ALMS cars at the inaugural Baltimore Grand Prix Friday September 2, 2011.

First Izod Indy car practice run at the Baltimore Grand Prix
Izod Indy cars Into turn one Friday September 2, 2011 at the Baltimore Grand Prix.

ALMS Cars qualifying at the Baltimore Grand Prix
ALMS Racing cars qualifying Friday September 2, 2011 into turn two.

Baltimore Grand Prix ALMS Qualifying Crash Friday 9/2/11
Video of an LMP1 car spinning out on the main straightaway before entering the chicane at the Baltimore Grand Prix on Friday Sept 2nd during Qualifying. Can be seen at 2:00.