180MPH in the streets of Baltimore

Izod Indy racing cars on the straight away(Pratt st.) at the Baltimore Grand Prix Friday 2, 2011.

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2011 Virtual lap:Baltimore
Check out what it's like to drive an IZOD IndyCar Series car on the new Baltimore Grand Prix Circuit. Thanks to Immersion Media for the video. http://www.imsports.com

Baltimore Grand Prix Indycar Pile-up
Multi-car pile-up in turn 3 during the Indycar Grand Prix in Baltimore.

Baltimore Grand Prix Crash
This was shot during the Inaugural Baltimore Grand Prix duing the Izod Indy Car Series race. This was after a yellow flag restart on turn 3. The video was shot using a GoPro HD Hero.

ALMS Cars miss turn Friday at Baltimore Grand Prix.
First practice run at turn one with the ALMS cars at the inaugural Baltimore Grand Prix Friday September 2, 2011.