10 second turbo honda hatch at Bandimere, hits 151mph

Can't remember who owns this car, its a GSR turbo setup Test & tune night at Bandimere went with my buddy Mike Adolf to film some passes. Recorded and posted by me, be sure to check out my site http://www.doogielabs.com

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My 09 GT-R @ Bandimere Speedway 5-5-13
Made 1 pass last Sunday.

This video is of Matt from RTI - Revolution Tuning Innovations running a stock sleeve block LSVTEC on 20PSI running a 10.8 @135 at Spokane county raceway.

NOT EVEN Trying - 10 Second Turbo Honda CRX Drag Race 10.99 @ 131mph
Rolling it out to a 10.99 @ 131mph, this car has a lot more in it. New England Dagway's Import WARS. Epping, NH. Unknown engine and turbo setup. New England Dragway Epping, NH 9/8/13

Mid 10 sec. 1.9L "FrankBuilt" Turbo Hatch from Tacoma,Wa
FrankBuilt Hatch, Test and tune at Bremerton Raceways late 07'. running a Precision t4 hybrid turbo w/ 4 inch dump, 1.9L Golden Eagle sleeved gsr block, fully worked head,type r tranny,10k redline, running mid Boost.............WITHOUT ANY SPONSORS!!!.ALL WORK DONE BY OWNER....PRIVATELY OWNED DAILY DRIVEN..