10 second turbo honda hatch at Bandimere, hits 151mph

Can't remember who owns this car, its a GSR turbo setup Test & tune night at Bandimere went with my buddy Mike Adolf to film some passes. Recorded and posted by me, be sure to check out my site http://www.doogielabs.com

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civic ef
nouva jet

9 second turbo Honda Civic Thursday Night Lightz
9 second turbo Honda Civic Thursday Night Lightz, Edgewater drag strip 10-6-11.

Eric's SOHC runs 11.08 fighting the slipping clutch
SOHC running E85 and a holset turbo The clutch slips in 3rd and 4th gears, on this particular pass he tried a 1st gear burnout vs the usual 2nd gear burnout. The clutch held a little better but its still toast after having less than 8 passes on it.

Camaro SS vs Mustang GT vs GSR Hatch Civic vs Civic Si
2010 Camaro SS (Bone Stock) 2003 Mustang GT (Full Bolt-Ons and 3 Tunes) Hatchback Civic w/GSR swap spun both races vs the stang. NO traction :) 2006 Honda Civic Si coupe (Full Bolt-Ons)