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DVR-027 HD 720p DASH CAM SBAC видеорегистратор

Set on 1280x720P, 2 min, 60Hz, daytime. DVR-027


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Road Time Lapse / Baku [DVR-027]
Gagarin Bridge - 28 May - R. Behbudov - Bakikhanov - Yasamal - Tbilisi pr. - H. Javid - Parliament pr. - AzNeft - Neftchilar pr. - Azadlig pr. - Nobel pr. - Nargila circle - Ukraine circle. Dash camera: DVR-027. Available at: www.digiboard.az Soundtrack: Serge Devant - Addicted (feat. Hadley).

DashCam: Right of Way? (DVR HD aka DVR-027, 720p, Dusk)
The traffic on your right has right of way over all other road travellers. It's a principle that's not too hard to grasp for most, but there's always the odd one out... No biggie though :-) My dash cam is is a cheap chinese model (bit.ly/KBRZaA), the DVR HD aka DVR-027. It's a tiny 720p cam with a wide-angle lens. The camera is mounted on its original suction cup mount that goes on the windshield of the car (Opel Astra J Sport Tourer 1.3CDTI EcoFlex 2011). Music: Sneeuwland by Oskar Schuster (licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License via http://freemusicarchive.org). Link: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Oskar_Schuster/Sneeuwland/Sneeuwland_1553

Пример записи видеорегистраторов DVR-027 и DVR-127 (день)
Подробный обзор видеорегистраторов DVR-027 и DVR-127- http://www.careg.ru/obzori_videoregistratorov/46-avtomobilnie_videoregistra toi_dvr_027_i_dvr_127.html Инструкции по эксплуатации DVR-027 и DVR-127 - http://www.careg.ru/intstruction_videoregistratori/47-instruction_videoregi strator_dvr_027_i_dvr_127.html

Автомобильный видеорегистратор hd dvr 027 ч.2

Тест видеорегистратора HD 720p dvr-027 ( H-198 ) original
Н-198 одна из самых популярных моделей, нормальное качество за 70-80у.е. только у этой модели есть множество клонов, которые далеко не так снимают. Оригинал продается в синей коробке, в регистраторе должен быть золотистый канал HDMI, меню темно-серое и белые буквы на нем. Но при очень большой температуре в салоне имеет склоность зависать, для этого необходимо вытащить и поставить аккумулятор, вот такой минус.

Filmare realizata cu camera video auto F900 Full HD dvr
Filmare realizata cu camera video auto F900 Full HD dvr http://www.cameravideoauto.ro

Audi B5 S4 HPDE Track Session at Waterford Hills Raceway...
I'm having fun burning off the last bit of tread from my 7 year old summer tires! This was from the "intermediate group" during Platinum Motorcar's private track rental. It was a lot of fun, thanks again for the invite guys! http://www.pmc-detroit.com/

Обзор HD DVR 127 (DVR 027, H 198) часть 2 ( светлое время суток)
Обзор HD DVR 127 (DVR 027, H 198) часть 2 ( светлое время суток) цена Видеорегистратора в Белгороде 1500 рублей. подробное описание на dvr.ucoz.net

Dash-Witness: Insurance Fraud Prevented By Vehicle Dashboard Camera rear end collision
Dash-Witness: Insurance Fraud Prevented By Vehicle Dashboard Camera The Dash-Witness is a small "Black Box" car dashboard camera, mounted to your car's windshield, recording audio and video continuously while providing an eye witness in case of an accident or a memory saved from a fun day at the race track. For more information visit: http://www.dash-gadgets.com/

DVR-027 | Тест 2 - Пасмурно
Качество пожато видеоредактором. Обзор http://human-oid.livejournal.com/125621.html

Test of Dash Cam DVR-207
Received the dash cam DVR-207 from China today. It records at 1280x720p 30fps. This is the first test of it, driving around the neighborhood. It was a warm sunny March day, and the sun is almost directly overhead. I notice a bit of lens flare as I drove directly into the sun. Also, the dashcam and powercord are reflected in the windshield. I have to route the cord around the window. Otherwise, not too bad at all.

Audi A6 rwd burnout
Sorry everybody for the poor 240p quality, but Yutube decided it would be the best :( Stg2++ A6, 6MT, RWD mod.Test burnout.

DVR 027 (Fake, Imitation) Dash Camera

New San Francisco Bay Bridge Section Inbound
First drive on the new Bay Bridge section. Sept. 2013. Watch in HD!

Видеорегистратор DVR-027 (день).mp4
Тест-драйв видеорегистратора DVR-027 720Р, день, пасмурно.

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1999 Kawasaki ZRX 1100 turbo: 8.186 @ 178.180
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Blair Neth, Engine: stock,

2002 Kawasaki ZRX 1200: 10.806 @ 121.410
Mike Murphy, Engine: 1200, Tires: Metzler M3

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Jacob Edwards , Engine: Toyota 2JZizzle, Supercharger: naw Turbos: Precision Billet 6266 T4 .81 Tires: 245/50/16 Nitto street tires

1999 Kawasaki ZRX 1100: 11.005 @ 121.630
bob bradley, Tires: shinko 009

2007 BMW 335i Vishnu/FFTEC Single Turbo (Procede): 11.007 @ 130.697
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2002 Kawasaki ZRX 1200r: 11.050 @ 131.000
Luc Dore,

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2008 BMW 335i JB4 Steptronic Sedan: 11.128 @ 129.430
Hotrod 182, Engine: 3.0L Inline six, Turbos: Stock TT Tires: Nitto NT555R

2007 BMW 335i BMS JB4: 11.177 @ 127.270
LostMarine, Engine: N54, Turbos: RB Tires: MT ET

2008 BMW 335i JB4 Steptronic Sedan: 11.264 @ 127.790
Hotrod 182, Engine: 3.0L inline six, Supercharger: na Turbos: Factory Tires: Nitto NT01R

2002 Kawasaki ZRX 1200: 11.327 @ 119.410
Mike Murphy, Engine: 1200,

2008 BMW 335i JB3 2.0 Coupe: 11.339 @ 132.778
Hotrod 182, Engine: 3.0 Inline six, Supercharger: na Turbos: factory Tires: Hoosiers/Generals

2007 BMW 335i Coupe VISHNU Procede: 11.342 @ 128.897
Shiv Pathak, Engine: stock, Turbos: Vishnu/FFTEC Single Turbo Tires: MT DRs

2007 BMW 335i Procede E85/Gasoline Stock Turbos No Nitrous World Record: 11.357 @ 122.801
Sean Burgess, Engine: stock, Turbos: stock

2007 BMW 335i Coupe: 11.399 @ 125.000
J. Singh, Engine: N54, Tires: Bridgestone Re-11

2007 BMW 335i BMS JB4: 11.405 @ 123.470
LostMarine, Engine: N54, Turbos: RB Tires: MT ET


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