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Fod Mustang V8 com mais de 300cv

Mustang 1970 totalmente restaurado na oficina Batistinha. O modelo ganhou um novo motor, um V8 351 Quadrijet que gera mais de 300cv, potência suficiente para transformá-lo em um sonho de consumo, novo interior personalizado e som de alta qualidade. Para quem busca a perfeição, sempre vale a pena esperar.


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http://www.streetcustoms.com.br Assista a matéria completa deste incrível Hot Rod Classico V8 construído inteiramente a mão. O veículo foi feito na oficina Totty´s Hot Toy´s de Curitiba e foi um dos mais premiados do País. Quem não teve a oportunidade de ver este carro de perto, infelizmente não poderá mais, pois o projeto foi totalmente desmontado e sua mecânica agora servirá de base para um novo projeto de seu proprietário, a carroceria também recebeu um novo destino e deve em breve ser a base de um novo projeto. Watch the full story of this incredible Classic Hot Rod V8 built entirely by hand. The vehicle was made in the workshop's Hot Totty's Toy of Curitiba and was one of the most awarded in the country who has not had the opportunity to see this car up close, unfortunately can no longer, because the project was completely dismantled and its mechanics now form the basis for a new project of its owner, the body also received a new destination and expected to be the basis of a new project.

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Motor V8 2 tempos
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dicas sobre molas de valvulas motor 302 v8
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Projeto Ford Mustang 1967 episódio 02

Mustang GT500 1000cv # Revista FullPower 122
Ford Mustang tem potência dobrada para acelerar no dia-a-dia e em provas de velocidade máxima. Agora são 1065 cv e 100 kgfm de torque para superar os 320 km/h em 1600 metros. Fotos: João Mantovani Imagens e edição: Luciano Falconi Veja mais em http://www.revistafullpower.com.br

http://www.cartuningrevolution.com http://www.cartuningrevolution.com http://www.cartuningrevolution.com Carros tuning carros tunados fotos de carros rebaixados e carros equipados veja carros modificados alem de carros turbinados som de carros esportivos aspirado automoveis equipados turbo nitro tuning, notícias de carros tuning, carros novos.

Mustang Pro-Mod Andre V8
Mustang de Andre Carrillo destracionando os 402 mts.

Mustang V8 302 Preparação
Retifica motor 302 preparado p/ +- 375 HP, escape Giba Inox com sistema Noise Changer , Cambio T5, rodas 18, radiador de alumínio, cabeçote retrabalhado, balanceiros roletados Crane Gold Race , comando Crene 272/284, Holley 650 mec, coletor Torker II, etc!!!

Ford V8 302 Aspirado no Dinamômetro Tecnomec, testes/calibração de motor
O objetivo desse vídeo é apenas mostrar superficialmente como são feitos testes e "acertos" simples em dinamômetro de rolos inercial, que tem como maior vantagem a simplicidade e agilidade de uso. Atenção, esse vídeo tem fins educativos, Seja bem-vindo e por favor acesse: www.tecnomec.com.br Ficha básica do motor do carro do vídeo (Mustang GT Fastback 1967, motor Ford V8 302): - Vira, pistões e bielas originais+parafusos ARP, comando Comp hidráulico 218x224 @0.050", balancins Crower, cabeçotes (originais de ferro) trabalhados Tecnomec, coletor de admissão Weiand dual plane, Holley 650 cfm 2o estágio "à vácuo", coletores de escape 4x2x1 patriot, sistema de escape completo com dois abafadores. 236 WHP (RODA), 37 Kgf WTQ (RODA, TOPDyno TD800), corrigido padrão 290 cv MOTOR @ 5200 rpm, 45 Kgf MOTOR @ 4000 rpm, 35 Kgf @ 2000 rpm, marcha lenta estável em 600 rpm. mais detalhes www.tecnomec.com.br

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Colocando o motor ap 2.0 no ponto - Golf Mexicano Cabecote fluxo cruzado
Desculpa se a imagem nao estiver perfeita pois foi gravado de celular, nao estou aqui para imitar o Dr. carro, porem pesquisei no youtube por algum video ensinando a por o motor deste carro no ponto e nao encontrei, portanto aqui fica minha contribuicao para os interessados em saber ....

132612 / 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302
For more information on this vehicle visit http://tinyurl.com/73ysd73 Finished in code D Bright Yellow, this 1970 Mustang Boss 302 is dressed to kill. Top-quality Boss Mustangs, having graduated to the investment list, are also receiving scary expensive restorations like the one on this car. The paint and bodywork are beyond anything the factory could have managed, even if they only built one car a week! The sheet metal is straight enough to be used as a ruler, the gaps are even all around, and everything lines up with a precision that only hours of hand labor can deliver. Correct Boss 302 graphics were applied after the two-stage urethane finish had cured, and the satin black stripes have always been some of the best-looking designs of the era. Other noteworthy Boss 302 details include the matching satin black chin and deck lid spoilers, the rear window slats, and, of course, the Shaker hood scoop that force-feeds the high-winding small block. The matching-numbers power plant in this Bright Yellow Boss has been fully rebuilt to stock specs and moves the car with a vicious snarl from the Exhaust. But perhaps more important than how well it runs is how accurately it has been detailed. The easy stuff is done, of course, like the Ford Blue paint on the engine, the canted Boss 302 valve covers, and hoses and clamps. But when you really look closely, even things like the nuts and bolts are correct Ford pieces, even the smallest hoses are correctly stamped, and the original smog equipment remains in place. Part numbers are accurate, markings have been duplicated, and it has all been assembled the same way the factory did it. This is a Boss that can compete on the show field as well as on the track. Underneath it's just as detailed. Obviously restored on a rotisserie, the floors are finished in matching Bright Yellow paint without any undercoating. The original close-ratio 4-speed transmission still handles the gear swaps, and out back a 3.50-geared Track-Lok 9-inch rear still puts the power to the pavement. The front suspension has been accurately refinished with dipped control arms and proper finishes on all the hardware. A reproduction dual Exhaust system uses factory style mufflers for an authentic sound, and new brakes at all four corners deliver surprisingly effective stopping power. Other new components include the shocks, the gas tank, and the reproduction Goodyear Ployglas GT tires on gorgeous Magnum 500 wheels. Boss 302s came with standard bucket seats, and the black Corinthian vinyl thrones in this one match the specifications on the original window sticker. The seat covers are accurate reproductions that fit right and show well. New door panels and a fresh dash pad eliminate any worries about sun damage, and a new headliner overhead remains taut and wrinkle-free. The black carpets offer the correct weave and texture, and are protected by a set of proper rubber floor mats. Newly rebuilt gauges, including an 8000-RPM tachometer, give you a view under the hood, and the original AM radio lives in the dash. A Hurst T-handle shifter was part of the Boss package, and slices through the gears like the proverbial hot knife. The trunk is similarly minimalist, with a proper textured rubber mat and a space-saver spare tire. The Boss 302 is a legitimate A-list collectible muscle car, and thanks to this one's immaculate restoration and strong pedigree, your investment is safe. This car easily cost more than the asking price to restore to this level, so it's like paying for the restoration and getting the Boss for free. And there aren't many things more exciting than the sound of one of these hammering down the road, but to find out just how truly awesome that is, you'll have to experience it in person. Call today!

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