Yamaha Yz 250 & KTM SXF 250 - Track in the woods. Almost crash at the end. GoPro HD

Hit "LIKE" if you like:) Out riding at our track in the woods at Rev it Racing's location. This day was a lot of fun! Finally got my FMF Exhaust fitted! That helped! ENJOY:)

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Yamaha YZ 250 - Ice track. GoProHD
Hit "LIKE" if you like:) A few laps on a fast little ice track we "made". Got a new piston the bike sounds a bit more healthy now. Finally got my new FMF Exhaust system this week so more video's will come as soon as the sun melts away the snow! Enjoy! :)

Yz 250, CRF450R & SXF 250 - Jumps, hillclimb and fails. GoPro HD
Practicing some jumping and having some fun at a gravelpit. My bike (yz) got two blown shocks and a bold rear tire which makes jumping/climbing a little hard, but I got some cool footage of my friends. Filmed with GoPro HD. Hope you enjoy:)

YZ 250, YZF 290 & KTM SXF 250 - Jumps, fail´s and fun. GoPro HD
Made ouselves a little "step-up" jump to train on today. Was a lot of fun and got some good footage until one of us desides to kill himself:p He broke a collarbone and shattered some ribs. Filmed with GoPro HD. Enjoy! :)

"Motocross Fight" - "Do not ride on my LAWN" GoPro HD Hero 2
PLEASE SUBSCRIBE,LIKE AND SHARE! :) I was just riding around on my friends lawn when I noticed he was up to something "clever". He told me after the "knockdown" that he just was bored and wanted to knock me of the bike so that´s all:p All taken with GoPro HD Hero 2. Enjoy:)