Triumph GT6 Mk3 race car

I did a lot of work porting the cylinder head to make the engine rev so freely. The stock Exhaust ports are originally are nearly square. The Exhaust headers have nearly round ports and a lot of material had to be removed from the head casting to match the two. I also cut off the bottoms of the Exhaust guides, although I do not think this makes a big difference. The intake is also port matched. I was a bit concerned about the huge amount of material removed from the head around the Exhaust ports, but so far we have about 8 races on this engine and it has performed superbly. The brake lines on this GT6 are copper nickel alloy. Please visit my website to purchase a kit for your Triumph What we did over the winter: Added a much stiffer rear spring, welded up the differential, Increased the size of the engine crankcase breather substantially, removed the drive shaft and had it balanced to perfection. Also we got a new set of light weight wheels To purchase Cunifer copper nickel brake line kits for your Triumph Spitfire or GT6 contact me.

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Triumph GT6 race car on rolling road
GT6 Race car on the rollers

Classic Motorsports Group 44 Triumph GT6+ leaves the office
The Classic Motorsports Triumph GT6+ project car fires up for the first time in months, and Gary drives it onto the trailer. It's heading for the Lake Mirror Classic car show in Lakeland, Florida. Needles for these carbs are available through SpitBits.

1966 Triumph Spitfire MK2 Restoration Project - part 30 - Ride Along
I thought you guys might be interested in joining me for my first ride with the MK2 Spitfire with newly rebuilt 1296cc engine. It is a little noisy since the camera picked up all the wind noise, but next time I will find a way to cancel this noise. Come, let's have a ride towards the sunset!

Triumph GT6 Resto-Mod Project PART 1
Here’s some real home-grown fabrication for you. A V12 converted to twin 4-barrel carbs, shortened Jaguar rear end, BMW front end, endless amounts of body work, chassis fabrication, flat floor and wooden bucks to custom make sheet-metal panels. This is backyard ingenuity at it’s best. Source: r/ Project thread: Thanks for music: The Blue Elephant: Azure Arrow Bass Jake Cooper Joey Busse ATLYSS