Early Bull Market | Stock Market Video 3/8/2013

In this week's Stock Market Video, Paul Goodwin talks about the challenge of getting into a bull market early enough to make good use of it. It's always easier if you have a way (like Cabot's market timing indicators) to recognize the bull early on. A bull market is a great opportunity, but it also makes it necessary to pick your spots. Stocks discussed: Zillow (Z), Five Below (FIVE), LinkedIn (LNKD) and Lions Gate Entertainment (LGF).

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The Next Generation of Leaders | Cabot Weekly Review
In this week’s Stock Market Video, Paul Goodwin looks at the general health of the markets, which remains good despite the recent selloff, and the performance of leading growth stocks, which isn’t all that good unless they just reported great earnings. There are some sectors that are making nice moves, like precious metals and infrastructure stocks, but the major indexes are still well under their medium-term resistance while we wait for the next generation of leaders.

Strong Stocks We're Watching | Cabot Weekly Review
In this week’s Stock Market Video, Paul Goodwin talks about the general good health of the market and the buy signals we’re getting from our short-, medium- and long-term timing indicators for growth investors. Paul takes a special look at stocks from page 12 of Cabot Top Ten Trader to show how many growth stocks are pulling back from new highs. It’s time for putting money to work, but not going whole hog.

Identifying Market Bottoms: IBD Follow-Through Days
"Major market bottoms" are the precursors to cyclical bull markets that can last for years. Spotting one, after a substantial decline, is a trade that every trader eventually becomes eager to make. However, determining when a market bottom has actually occurred is typically noticed in hindsight, as traders often rely on emotions instead of rules. One such set of rules is Investor Business Daily's "Follow-Through Day Pattern." Created by IBD's chairman and founder, William O'Neil, and described in his book, How to Make Money in Stocks, this technical tool is widely known as a pattern that identifies market bottoms. Erik Skyba examines these rules, variations to them, their statistical validity and possible shortcomings. He investigates whether this technical tool really exploits major market bottoms. Read the related Analysis Concepts paper and download the supporting files @ http://www.tradestation.com/education/labs/analysis-concepts/identifying-ma rket-bottoms

Bullish View for the Major Indexes | Cabot Weekly Review
In this week’s Stock Market Video, Mike Cintolo talks about the market's recent hesitation near its old highs, and how there could easily be more of a pullback in the short-term. But nothing has changed his intermediate- to longer-term bullish view for the major indexes, though he's beginning to see some rotation out of the recently strong stocks into other areas.