jrsc 01gsr 0-100mph

224whp jrsc @9lbs quaife lsd bfg drag radials

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honda s2000 vs supercharged civic vs k24 civic vs boosted b20 eg hatch
racing around with some friends enjoy civic ef jrsc gsr k24 ek b20 Boosted eg s2000

b20 boosted civic vs supercharged civic gsr awesome race
240whp ef hatch with jackson racing Supercharger vs 300whp eg Boosted b20 10psi

Civic JRSC B16 on Dyno
My civic Jacksonracing Supercharger B16 on the Dyno with LHT Intercooler and going with 11psi.

Honda prelude skunk 2 cams sound
My prelude with skunk2 cams before getting mapped.