Mitsubishi eclipse 3.0 GT

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Mitsubishi Eclipse Tuning | The Fast & The Furious
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Test Drive: 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT 5 Speed
This is the first of many test drive videos to come, expect drives of all the vehicles currently on the lot that I have not done already! Here is the 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT with the 5 speed manual transmission. I take it for a drive for the first time to check it over before it goes on the lot after I finished detailing it. Fun little car, much faster than the automatic lol.

How to Remove and Replace the Timing belt and Water Pump - Mitsubishi 2.4L SOHC Engine PART 2
Here is Part 2 a video guide on how to remove and replace the timing belt, tensioner and water pump on a Mitsubishi 2.4L SOHC Engine. These engines could be found on Eclipse and Galant models as well.

Beginner Car Mods Ep. 1 - Speaker Install
Walter and Alex put a new set of speakers into an old Mitsubishi Eclipse. Music comes from itunes and includes; Satellite Mind by Metric, Beaumont by 30h!3 and Calm Before the Storm by Darude. Responses: Door hinges, online yes. Speakers, Im using the stock amp. For now its okay, but I'm planning to put a better one in soon. Battery leads, I did remove the positive, sorry to confuse. Part number for digital gauges, here's a link 32820G&origin=pla&JCW=1&JCW_SRC=PPC&gclid=CLyzieejgbICFYKK4Aod720AeQ