1970 Dodge Challenger Blown 528 ci Hemi at the Hangover Nationals

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Bobs Blown Hemi 70 Challenger
2014 ESPN day at Yellowstone Drag Strip.

68 Dodge Coronet 850 bhp ** Awesome Sound**Incar
http://v8tv.eu - Andy Robinson takes us on a Quarter Mile Run at Santa Pod in his 850 bhp 68 Dodge Coronet. Will update more info soon...

Blown 572 Hemi 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T - V8 sound !
Chrome so much that it was hard to see what I was looking at :s This used to have 440 but now its 8-71 Blown 572 hemi with Nitrous and tons of chrome! It Dyno'd with Nitrous over 1000 horsepower. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Fileerausvideos Shares: http://hot-cars.org/2014/12/19/striking-1000hp-1970-dodge-challenger-rt/ http://www.amerikankasi.com/dodge/blown-572-hemi-1970-dodge-challenger-rt.h tml http://vid.carbuzz.com/from-the-looks-of-it-a-chrome-bomb-went-off-in-this- challengers-engine-bay/ http://www.thedodgecharger.com/muscle-cars/blown-572-hemi-70-dodge-challeng er-rt-v8-sound/ http://www.carvideos.tv/muscle-cars/3826/blown-572-hemi-70-challenger-r-t-v 8-sound

1000HP 1973 Challenger 8.54 pass street legal
73 Dodge Challenger 383cid, custom SDCE Supercharger system with ATI D3M ProCharger, 3550 #. www.sd-concepts.com