Ford F100 1976 4x4 Stepside V8 Flowmaster super 44 Hillbilly Redneck Truck

Stock 1976 Flareside (Stepside) F100 Truck named "Big Red" (the only one in Europe- ) with 360 Engine, 4x4, 4 Shifter, Highboy, real Survivor, no Rust, first Colour, nice Patina. The Truck has stock condition. The only thing I change: I replace the factory glasspack mufflers with 2 Flowmaster 44 mufflers and 2,25 inch pipes. You can here the difference  Ask for more

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1977 ford f-150 4x4 with glass packs
I JUST picked this beast's a 77 stepside f150 4x4. It's got the 31 spline rear axle into an np435 4 speed manual trans with granny gear into an np205 transfer case into a dana 44 front solid axle powered by a 351m engine. Stock lift for now, but 6" and 36's are soon. It currently rides on 33's. It's got cherry bomb Exhaust which I initially hated, but they're growing on me.

"Red Morning" with KC Mathieu
See what it's like to go on a morning errand with KC Mathieu in his 1968 Ford F100, aka Frankenstein Ford.

Ford F100 4x4 AWD 1964
Hier ein selterner Ford F100 von 1964 mit Allradantrieb ! Alle Infos, Daten und Preise zu dem Pickup gibt es auf unserer Internetseite unter: trieb/

1970 Ford F100 FlareSide 460 cu.i.
Bought this one in Washington and took it to Denmark. VERY fast with that 460 under the hood !!