Jamboree 21 - Pac MX-6 vs. Top RPM Celica

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6.88 @ 186 mph MILOS PAVLOVIC - 2JZ CELICA (TEST DAY 27/03/2013)
The Top Rpm Motorsport team were out testing in time for the Sydney Jamboree, with workshop owner Mick having his first drive of the car. The team came out having to license the car and were happy with the first full pass being a backing off 6.88 @ 186 mph. This car runs in the Factory Xtreme class and was previously driven by Craig Dyson and gone as quick as mid 6's at 218mph+ so with more seat time im sure we'll see the times come down. http://www.facebook.com/toprpm.motorsport Check the team transcript from their facebook page: Well Top-rpm Motor Sport went testing today with me driving for the first time, and what a drive.....MAD..... the weather was really bad spotting rain every 5 min, so it did not give us a chance to run the car to it's full potential. The first 1/2 pass was my nerve's getting the better of me, 2000hp and 2step is crazy when u are driving ( outside the car looks so easy ), i short shifted every gear and lets just say the clutch felt it, more rain come and we waited 1 hour to run again, this time full pass was required, i staged and bumped in on the 2 step ( something else was 2 stepping as well ), i launched and it just felt like a shaking blur, i short shifted 2nd, perfect 3rd, short 4th, then early back off, first full pass 6.88 @ 186mph... to say i am happy is an understatement so bring on Sydney Jamboree... Thank you to all my crew - Sezer Aktas,Andrew Becquetand chris, also thanks to all my sponsors - MOTUL / PWR / CP PISTONS / FABRE ... also a very special friend and brother Craig Dyson all i can say is u sold me a perfect perfect car that can battle it out with the best.. i love u brother.

Honda F1 Engine at 20000 RPM
Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBc84XXq_3XZvOJtfwgG5bQ Cars of the Future [Documentary] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7owJNjfmN0 Formula 1 - The Secret Life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syYW5boz8yg Formula 1 - The Limit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NRf2jGrrMc Ayrton Senna & McLarent Honda: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lo8og7wfLiU Japanese car manufacturer Honda participated in Formula One, as an entrant, constructor and engine supplier between 1964 and 2008. Honda's involvement in F1 began with the 1964 season; their withdrawal in 1968 was precipitated by the death of Honda driver Jo Schlesser during the 1968 French Grand Prix.[1] They returned in 1983 as an engine supplier, a role that ended in 1992. They returned again in 2000, providing engines for British American Racing (BAR). By the end of 2005 they had bought out the BAR team, based at Brackley, United Kingdom, and renamed their new subsidiary Honda Racing. It was announced on 5 December 2008 that Honda would be exiting Formula One with immediate effect due to the Global financial crisis of 2008--2009 and were looking to sell their team.[2] On 27 February 2009 it was announced that team principal Ross Brawn had led a management buyout of the Brackley team.[3] The team raced successfully as Brawn GP in 2009, and was subsequently sold to Daimler AG and renamed Mercedes GP for the 2010 season

Australia's Quickest BA XR6 Turbo
Phil Chain's XR6 turbo currently holds the record with an 8.4 at 166mph, but the boys had some problems getting it down the track at Jamboree and only (??) managed a couple of 9.1sec runs at over 160mph. It's a beast of a thing with a massive GT47R turbo. How soon until we see a 7sec pass from an XR6 turbo is Australia?

6.52 @ 218 CRAIG DYSON - 2JZ CELICA (TEST DAY 1/09/2012)
Craig Dyson and the Top RPM Motorsports team were out at today's private test day (1/09/2012) . The car ran just shy of it's pb, although the team were very happy with the pass in the lead up to this year's QLD Jamboree. This car is powered by the Toyota 2JZ motor and can be seen running in the Factory Xtreme class. Check out the wheels up in the slow motion! www.jamboree.com.au www.factoryxtreme.com.au