Jamboree 21 - Pac MX-6 vs. Top RPM Celica

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Jamboree 2010 Motive DVD feature
Jamboree is the world's best sports compact drag racing event. With Jamboree 21 coming up, we thought we'd show you the feature we did on last years event.

Jamboree 21 - Tony Wedlock Toyota Aurion

Pac Performance Mazda6 SP - 2014 Brisbane Jamboree
Check out the Pac Performance Mazda6 SP in action at the 2014 Brisbane Jamboree including running a new rotary 1/4 mile World Record speed

Mazda Mx6 LS turbo Mic in front of radiator.
A short video with the microphone in front of the radiator. I recently blew an Exhaust gasket on the rear primary and have been hesitant to fix that..It can be heard in the video.. Im also Boosting 7psi, with a bit of lag I suppose from that leak. I Didnt go crazy with any of these pulls being the roads I take are often patrolled. In the video you will see I hesitate to shift into 4th, I was already doing over the speed limit and approaching traffic cones but I went for some of 4th anyway ;)