My girlfriend can slide on a longboard!

11/23/11- 100,000 views!

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Longboard - Learning the basics
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Butterbabe Longboard HD
I hope you will enjoy Please watch in HD

Wolf 162 ft standup
Wolf doing some sick skids. He rides for Landyachtz. Check them out. Hell yeah Liam Morgan smashing out 100ft toesides and 180ft+ heelsides!! check the video out!!

Desafío Lovingsports: Longboard Girls Crew vs Josef Ajram
Al completo y sin cortes os presentamos el Desafío Lovingsports con las Longboard Girls Crew vs Josef Ajram. Desde Montjuïc hasta El Forum las Longboard Girls nos dejaron con la boca abierta patinando por toda Barcelona. Downhill, saltos, pases en acción y sobre todo mucho #havefun fueron la clave de este vídeo. Directed by: Ivan Vania & Christian Letruria Music and sound design by Amniotica graded by Ivan vania Editors: Ivan Vania, Roberto Brudaglio Titles: Samuel Re Slow motion Eugenio Manghi Thanks to: Mónica Madenfrost (LGC), Tomaso Brezzi,Oriol Hurtado, Giovanni Savastano & Bárbara Galán.