My girlfriend can slide on a longboard!

11/23/11- 100,000 views!

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Butterbabe Longboard HD
I hope you will enjoy Please watch in HD

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[RAW] Lado "B" do vídeo "Dancing, Freestyle, Freeride & Downhill" gravamos por 8 dias os 4 núcleos que compõe o vídeo "Dancing, Freestyle, Freeride & Downhill." Muitas imagens foram descartadas como essas do núcleo feminino. Assista nesse lado B as imagens não usadas de Ana Maria Suzano e Sara Watanabe. Quer aprender a andar de Skate e Skate Longboard? Acesse: Conheça nossas redes socias.

How to Slide on a Longboard Part 1 (Pendulum)
:.PLEASE LIKE AND COMMENT:. Check out our new video on suggestions for equipment! Updated tips! The Longboarding Club Advanced Group rider Jacob Schvanveldt is here to show you what kind of equipment we recommend for sliding, and how to preform a Toe-side Pendy (6:49), the easiest glove-down slide to learn and execute. Jacob's setup: C-Style Buddah's bomber Randal RII's w/ flipped hanger Sector 9 Butterballs 70mm Bone Reds Songs: Arco Arena (Instrumental) by Cake Finding Beauty by Escala Had Enough by Breaking Benjamin