My girlfriend can slide on a longboard!

11/23/11- 100,000 views!

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Longboard - Learning the basics
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Sergio Yuppie - King of Downhill Slide
This is a short documentary about the untold story of Sergio Yuppie's humble beginnings in the skateboarding world. From being just a kid with a dream on the streets of Brazil to becoming an international skateboard icon, Sergio remains true to his purpose in life - skateboarding for the pure love of it. We celebrate a life driven by passion and adversity - a rags to riches story where wealth is not measured by monetary value. Here's a living, breathing example of the goals that you can achieve, no matter how big you dream. This is the story of Sergio Yuppie. Directed/Filmed/Edited: Michael Alfuso Producer: Chris Chaput Assistant Camera: Rory Russell Production Manager: Brad Teschner Stunt Car: Christian Hunt Additional Footage: Joao Brinhosa Translation: Flavia Brancato Song/Artist: 0:15 "Highway Star" Deep Purple cover by Stryper 1:27 "When It Pours It Rains" (Instrumental) 2:38 "The Prophet" by Gramatik 4:46 "Left Us To Mold" by Unida 6:24 "The Mentalist" by Mr. Fijiwiji 8:13 "Fortune Soul" by Blackmill

Desafío Lovingsports: Longboard Girls Crew vs Josef Ajram
Al completo y sin cortes os presentamos el Desafío Lovingsports con las Longboard Girls Crew vs Josef Ajram. Desde Montjuïc hasta El Forum las Longboard Girls nos dejaron con la boca abierta patinando por toda Barcelona. Downhill, saltos, pases en acción y sobre todo mucho #havefun fueron la clave de este vídeo. Directed by: Ivan Vania & Christian Letruria Music and sound design by Amniotica graded by Ivan vania Editors: Ivan Vania, Roberto Brudaglio Titles: Samuel Re Slow motion Eugenio Manghi Thanks to: Mónica Madenfrost (LGC), Tomaso Brezzi,Oriol Hurtado, Giovanni Savastano & Bárbara Galán.

Skateboarding Barbies Weekend
READ THIS THIS VIDEO is meant to first let People have their PRECONCEPTIONs. That Shows how wrong they mostly are. MALL GRAB, SKATING IN SHORTS, HIGH HEELS TO THE SKATEPARK, LOTS OF INTRO, SOME "LAME TRICKS", SINGING BARBIE GIRL, ... It's kinda funny to read that some people really think we're serious about that!!! NOT MUCH SKATING in this Video and lots of intro,I KNOW! Its more a story than a skatevideo! Thats how it is meant to be. For videos with more skating check out our other videos on this Channel. The purpose of this Video is just because girls don't have to be masculine just because they skate. We can wear highheels even before a skatesession. NO we are not looking for male Attention. We skate because we love skateboarding and because we have the health to do that. We are not even close to the best female skaters, but that doesn't matter, if I would want to skate just to be the best I would not even have started it or just given up after my knee injury. Please don't waste your time with stupid comments. Our Video and name has no offensive/sexist purpose. KEEP YOUR perverse COMMENTS FOR YOURSELF. ITS SKATING FOR FUN, a video for good memories and if so many people have seen it its not my fault (for the haters on that ;)) The dumb graffiti was also not on purpose. If you cant ignore it, I'm sorry Gabi Schumann and Catherine Marquis skateboarding. Fanpage: Songs: track 1: Love for Pluto - Sea of Fluorescent Lights track 2: The Dirty Hooks - "Cicada Tree" track 3: Dance all Day