2000hp on pump gas,tread tyres7.8 Second 1967 Mercury Cougar

1967 Cougar runs a 7.9 and later a 7.8 on full treaded tyres.

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67 cougar 10.0@133mph
another angle of my 460ci powerd cougars 10.0 run at the mopar nats at santa pod.

Chaos Fuel Altered on a run.
Nice half pass and still runs a 7.3!!

CNET On Cars - 1967 Mercury Cougar: A look back to see how far car tech has come
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Street legal 8.0 second Cougar
Steel bodied street legal car running 8.0s on treaded tyres and pumped petrol. Runs in the UK Street Eliminator drag racing championship - footage from the Hardcore Street DVD www.quartermilehigh.com