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TRD Ferguson - ChumpCar - Road America - October 20, 2013

Here's TRD Ferguson's start of the race on Sunday. We were able to move through the field pretty well until our brakes started fading pretty badly. The stock brake system isn't really able to handle the speeds produced by our new engine. At least a brake upgrade will make a nice winter project :)


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Chump Car at Road America, Oct 20, 2013, Hollywood, Sunday Race Start, Front Facing
Green Flag drops at 7:44. The first 7+ minutes is a 2 wide formation lap. Sunday start of the 2013 Chumpionship race at Road America. This was a continuation of Saturdays Race. The race starts in heavy fog and damp conditions. It's also damn cold and my hands are not happy. Should have worn that second pair of gloves again like during the April RA race. It's too bad the GoPro craps out, as Emitlaer, Mayhem and myself battle it out the entire stint, turning pretty consistent 2:56-2:57 lap times with Mayhem and I catching back up to the Realtime car and battling hard until they pit for what I believe is a bad wheel bearing. Mayhem (Brent driving) also has a couple epic slides through turn 1 that would have been spectacular in HD. I have a few very close calls during the heat of battle. @11:20 #197 and I almost trade paint. @25:35 and again @26:26 #421 gives me the chopper. @33:00 we go three wide entering turn 5 and have a "moment". The local yellow @ 13/14 (34:45) slows the pace a bit and spaces us out for a short time.

How not to take turn 8 at Road America
24 Hours of Lemons at Road America 2013 Car #40 Team NMF Racing

ChumpCar World Series Road America 4CGM Stint1 Sunday
See Below For Highlight Shortcuts: Optima Batteries ChumpCar World Series Road America Chumpionship Drift Into Winter Sunday October 20th Stint 1 Four Car Garage Motorsports e36 Driver Christopher Lee 7:34 green flag I get passed by 6 cars by turn 3 #25, 771, and 911 in T1, then 426, 83, and tubby in T3. I should have been in 3rd for the t1 on the start but stayed in 4th... oops. Too busy trying to keep it clean. Dirty thirty on my tail by the carousel I follow 41 around for a few laps Dirty thirty pass attempt at 15:00 Would have let you have that one. 18:35 pass #41 Start to pick up the pace from the damp morning start and getting settled in. 21:05 greenade passes 21:35 pass #222 thanks for the room 22:26 pass #133 23:13 pass #13 24:35 pass white roadster 26:30 passed by v8 BMW Fog is pretty cool looking. 29:50 tubby passes 30:20 red car dives for the pit 32:25 Miata passes in carousel 33:50 pass Saab 34:30 move along. Nothing to see here. Had to fix our laptimer: it had a 20second lap registered that was messing with the delta May find a stylus to put with it for next time so I don't have to take off the glove. 39:00 pass Datsun 2 in bend Being followed by white honda 448 43:42 honda passes in 1 45:30 pass different Miata 142 in bend 46:00 "in the red" #321 on my tail for Postion. Time to turn it up. I crank out a 3:04.2 next lap. 49:22 Starting FTD lap of 3:02.18, getting chased by #321 does wonders for my lap times. Thanks! 51:45 back on the Hondas tail 54:00 pass 112 trying to keep up with 448 before carousel. In the red #321 still on my bumper 54:30 catch back up to tubby who is having electrical problems 55:20 902 gets by in 13/14 and my slow exit on 14 lets 321 follow him by After a drag on the straight 3 wide with 102 with a car exiting pits. I let off into 1. With that many cars not sure what was going to happen there. 56:10 going into 3, and Emitlaer gets inside after I had started my turn in. Followed by 89 or 83? 57:00 #73 that didn't make it on the straight gets by in 6 while #25 takes advantage and gets inside him also. 3 wide fun times. 58:40 pass 183 in 14 1:01:30. 91 Saab gets loose in canada, I pass on the front straight Lap 8 I do a 3:02.7 1:06:00 pass the Miata that passed me on the start caught back up to 321 in the red 1:06:25 #321 gets 2 off out of 7 1:07:05 #102 goes off straight going into the bend but has a pretty unsafe re-entry that slows me down a lot. 1:09:00 team Phoenix Camaro facing wrong direction in 5 after I pass 22 on the straight Back on it with 321 1:12:00 pass Salk #142 before 5 Apparently the lap counter is malfunctioning on the video cutting off the first digit, fixed with notes... 1:16:00 caught back up to Miata #153 1:17:30 pass 153 and go 2 wide with the taxi into 1, back up to 321 1:19:00 153 goes back by in carousel, we pass blue Saab again 1:20:10 153 goes a little wide on 13 then I get by him on the straight again. Back on with 321 1:21:55 almost 3 wide in 7 with 153 and 171 then one of the leaders goes by 1:22:45 back by 153 on the straight. 1:24:55 #153 and #58 touch in 6 behind me then I get by 2 cars on carousel And 2 into Canada 1:27:50 back on #321 1:30:40 pass #86 in 5 1:31:25 3 wide exiting 8 with greenade and 89 1:32:00 89 follows me through the bend and goes off wide behind me 1:35:50 I get a run on 321 but he was still a bit ahead at the turn in for 1 so I back off 1:36:45 Tubby almost gets run off the road by #64, who had just pushed #142 Black Pearl Racing Miata off the right side. Tubby gets by me on 6 and we both get by #64 153 has caught up again and goes by on carousel We get by 2 cars through Canada and 14 then 153 gets by tubby before t1 1:40:20 following tubby around 1:42:00 more electronics troubles for tubby 1:42:40 back on #153 1:43:55 153 Miata goes outside of #951 on t8 and completes an interesting pass on the grass into the Carousel. I was a little worried being directly behind that one but good awareness by the #951 keeps it clean. 1:45:15 get a good run on 14 and get back around 153 1:46:32 back on 321 1:48:20 get 321 goes 2 in the dirt on entrance to 14, letting me get by on the straight finally. Thanks for the point by 448 Time to pit next lap though :( Created and uploaded using RaceRender 2.9.4b

Saab 900 crashes into wall at Road America during ChumpCar race
Team Failcar bravely recreates the famous David Pintaric Viper crash at Road America.

Metric Homes Racing Chumpcar - Calabogie July 6, 2014
The start & first stint of sunday's 7-hour chumpcar enduro at Calabogie Motorsports Park.

ChumpCar World Series - VIR 24-Hour Race Start
ChaseCam video from the Racing Strong Motorsports Toyota MR2 GTv6. Upwards of 5 inches of rain fell on the region during the race.

Road America Vintage 2013
The cars were the stars at the Hawk with Brian Redman event held at Road America on July 18-21 2013. Nearly 500 cars vintage were entered, making it one of the largest events of it's type in the US. Presented by http://sportscarillustrated.com

Chump Car Race Day 1 - 4/9/11
This is video from the first day of the Chump Car Race in Portland, OR on April 9th, 2011. All inside shots from the Hawaii 2-4-Oh Nissan 240sx. This was a 7 hour endurance race with cars that are valued around $500 excluding safety equipment.

Chumpcar Road America lap one wreck.
Penalty Lap Racing had a first hand view of the lap one wreck coming out of 5 up the hill. Always check the mirrors before re-entry!

Chumpcar Road America Missing Link Motorsports October Laps
Starting with a driver change then some laps. Chumpcar prepared E30 convertible on Dunlop Direzza ZII.

The ChumpCar World Series at Daytona 2013
The ChumpCar World Series 14 Hours of Daytona, held on May 26 2013 at Daytona International Speedway. Over 120 cars and over 600 drivers competed. It was an amazing day of racing action. Brought to you by http://sportscarillustrated.com

ChumpCar World Series Promo
A glimpse at the inaugural ChumpCar World series race at Portland International Raceway Produced by Tam Communications ©2009 All Rights Reserved

TRD Ferguson: Winning Moments
Our finest moments from the ChumpCar weekend at Road America, October 19-20, 2013.

997.2 GT3RS / Caterham Funtime at The Ridge Motorsports Park (4-22-2013)
Porsche 911 (997.2) GT3RS & Caterham having fun and trading off on a perfect day of lapping with Proformance at the Ridge Motorsports Park in Shelton, WA. A good friend is driving the Caterham (borrowed for a session) and I play it extra safe around these very driver exposed cars. He definitely owns me in the turns and own him on the straight with the big power. Overall, a good match-up and great fun. The weather doesn't get any better than this and it's easy to see why the Ridge (still fairly new) has become a favorite among PNW drivers. I misspelled Caterham in the video title so, yes, I know it's misspelled :) Too much effort required to fix & replace.

ChumpCar at Harris Hill 2015
Spring event at Harris Hill Raceway. Great track and the owners and staff are fantastic. Video by ClubRegistration.net.

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