TRD Ferguson - ChumpCar - Road America - October 20, 2013

Here's TRD Ferguson's start of the race on Sunday. We were able to move through the field pretty well until our brakes started fading pretty badly. The stock brake system isn't really able to handle the speeds produced by our new engine. At least a brake upgrade will make a nice winter project :)

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Hitting the Wall at 98mph

Metric Homes Racing Chumpcar - Calabogie July 6, 2014
The start & first stint of sunday's 7-hour chumpcar enduro at Calabogie Motorsports Park.

2013 SCCA Runoffs, E Production
SCCA National Championship Runoffs Road America Sept. 22, 2013 E Production 1990 Mazda RX-7 Sponsors: Safe/Hoosier/Mazda My transmission broke during the first qualifying session, leaving me with only a warm-up lap as my qualifying time. I started 34th out of a field of 35. I passed 18 cars during the race, earning the Hard Charger award. Moments of interest: 0:15 - the start, as i drive through a clout of transmission fluid. 10:00 - passing two cars in the Carousel. 15:35 - first gen. RX-7 stuffs it in the Kink. 16:20 - fixing the reverse lockout at 100mph. 21:00 - the car's still in the Kink. This seems dangerous for the workers. 25:13 - checking the mirror for the leaders, who I figure should be lapping me (but never did). 32:00 - my dumb move of the race. I'm lucky I didn't take out the other car. Stupid.

ChumpCar Daytona 2015
On Memorial Day Weekend the Optima Batteries ChumpCar World Series presented the Fourteen Hours of Daytona. Over 100 cars were entered and the racing action was fierce. The creativity of the teams is evident and many of them travelled great distances to compete at the storied speedway. Video by David Haack Brought to you by