TRD Ferguson - ChumpCar - Road America - October 20, 2013

Here's TRD Ferguson's start of the race on Sunday. We were able to move through the field pretty well until our brakes started fading pretty badly. The stock brake system isn't really able to handle the speeds produced by our new engine. At least a brake upgrade will make a nice winter project :)

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ChumpCar Road America Chaotic Restart, reaching for the podium.
Full course yellow with 25 minutes left in the race. Trying to catch the 3rd place guy to get into the podium. Lots of traffic to get through. every lap we were gaining 4-8 seconds but ran out of time. another 3-4 laps and we would of had it. Next Time.

Crank Yankers Racing - ChumpCar Road America - Oct 2016

Hitting the Wall at 98mph

Best Passes & Battles with Truth Brown | SickCents Racing | ChumpCar Road America 2016
So of my best passes and battles from the weekend. The car was very competitive all weekend, with a little more skill & experience we probably could have finished higher.