Chuck Norris Vs David Carradine Climactic Final Fight - Lone Wolf McQuade

Check Out My Chuck Norris Style, Sexy Violent Vigilante Action Film Trailer! "ADDICTION" .....The most anticipated movie fight scene. Chuck Norris Vs David Carradine Climactic Final Fight - Lone Wolf McQuade Knowing that Lone Wolf McQuade casts Chuck Norris as a Texas Ranger, one might be inclined to think that this was a preview of his later Walker, Texas Ranger series. But one would be sadly mistaken. McQuade is far from the straight arrow that Cordell Walker was on television. He's just not a people person which is why he likes to work without a partner. When one is forced on him in the person of Robert Beltran, he greets him with a weapon when Beltran goes to his house to wake him up for what the day might bring them. Eventually the two do form some mutual respect. What Norris is after is some bad guys who come from both sides of the border in the business of smuggling arms. On this side of the border the bad guys are led by David Carradine who is a karate master himself. He's toting as a trophy the wife of his former partner who is played by Barbara Carrera. She takes one look at Chuck though and reassesses where her loyalties lie. When Chuck gets a little too close to Carradine's operation, he gets rather personal with Norris. He kills L.Q.Jones a former ranger and friend of Norris's, kills Norris's dog, and kidnaps his daughter. That makes what Chuck has to do rather clear and he does it in the usual Chuck Norris fashion. On Walker, Texas Ranger usually Chuck Norris did not work up much of a sweat against most opponents. It's a lot different here, he and Carradine on the screen are equally matched in their final confrontation. Fans of Chuck Norris should be well satisfied with Lone Wolf McQuade Lone Wolf McQuade is a 1983 action film, starring Chuck Norris, David Carradine, Barbara Carrera, and Robert Beltran, and is directed by Steve Carver. The film score was written by Francesco De Masi. The main character, J.J. McQuade, is a Texas Ranger who prefers to work alone. He lives in a dirty home in the middle of nowhere with a pet wolf. The film opens with McQuade involved in an intense battle with Mexican-bandits—a gang of horse thieves—from which he emerges unscathed. Shaking off the dust, McQuade returns to El Paso, Texas to attend the retirement ceremony of his fellow Ranger and close friend Dakota. After the party, his commander attempts to curb his "lone wolf" attitude by insisting he work with local Texas State Trooper Kayo Ramos, a tough but clean-cut and polite Latino. McQuade has a teenage daughter who came from a past marriage and is still on relatively good terms with his former wife. When his daughter is injured (and her fiancé is killed) after witnessing the hijacking of an US Army convoy (one of the hijackers is driving a Dodge Aspen which pushes her fiancé's car over an embankment), McQuade more readily works with Kayo to find out who did this to his daughter. Kayo's computer skills allow him to track the errant convoy. At an illegal garment factory, they pick up a young delinquent named Snow, who is reluctant to talk until Dakota points a Mac-10 in his general direction and empties the magazine. As the story progresses, they are joined by FBI Special Agent Jackson. The trail leads them to arms merchant Rawley Wilkes, who is hijacking U.S. arms shipments for his illicit weapons deals. Wilkes is trained in martial arts and often gives free demonstrations at county fairs. The three eventually find the arms trading headquarters in the Mexican desert. Agent Núñez is killed while saving Kayo from machine gun fire. McQuade is buried inside his truck but manages to escape, though injured. Agent Jackson is struck by gunfire on two separate occasions but still manages to assist McQuade and Kayo in the final attack. After an intense battle, McQuade and Wilkes engage, with the fight leaning first in Wilkes' favor until he strikes McQuade's daughter, provoking McQuade into a frenzy that defeats Wilkes. McQuade is reunited with his daughter, only to be fired upon by an injured Wilkes. Wilkes' business partner (and McQuade's new romantic interest) steps into the line of fire to save McQuade and is killed in the process. Wilkes retreats, and the film ends with McQuade victorious after a final high-kicking finale against the rest of Wilkes' troops.

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Bruce Lee Vs Chuck Norris (Way of the Dragon) Climactic Fight to Death
Check Out My Hong Kong inspired Bloody Violent Vigilante Action Film Trailer! "ADDICTION" Bruce Lee Vs Chuck Norris Hong Kong action film climactic fight to the death between martial arts legend Roman Colosseum Rome Chuck Norris plays a villain two Nunchakus return of the dragon Violent bloody kung-fu kung fu non-stop action film HK films great fighting punching Kick kicking punch directing debut fists and feet Bob Wall "Colt" CHINESE BOXING greatest fight scene ever Karate Bruce Lee Siu-Lung Way of the Dragon (traditional Chinese: 猛龍過江; released as Return of the Dragon in the U.S.) is a 1973 Hong Kong martial arts-action film directed by Bruce Lee. It was the third major film of the martial arts legend. In addition to directing the film, Bruce Lee has the leading role and is also the script writer. Unlike his other movies, all which are action-dramas, this one is essentially an action comedy. * Bruce Lee as "Tang Lung" (a.k.a. "China Dragon") * Nora Miao as "Chen Ching Hua" * Chuck Norris as "Colt" * Robert Wall as "Fred" * Hwang In-Shik as "Japanese Martial Artist" * Wei Ping-Ao as "Ho" This is the only film in which Chuck Norris plays a villain and the only film in which he is defeated. Tang Lung (Bruce Lee) is sent from Hong Kong to Rome to help his sick friends' niece Miss Chen and some family friends whose restaurant is being targeted by the local gangsters and forcing them to sign a contract which will make the Mafia boss gain control of the property. After their offers to purchase the restaurant are repeatedly turned down, the gangsters resort to intimidation. Tang Lung fends off the local gangsters and gains Miss Chen's interest, who up till now has looked down on Tang for his innocence from his hesitance of putting his savings into a bank to unknowingly going home with a prostitute whilst touring Rome with Miss Chen. The Mafia boss, played by John Benn, sends a gunman but Tang Lung defeats him with his throwing wooden darts and fractures his neck. The Mafia boss then goes to the restaurant himself along with all his gangster thugs to make Miss Chen sign the contract. Tang Lung defeats them all with his fighting skills with help from a Bo Staff and two Nunchakus. He then warns that if the boss comes to threaten his friends once more, he will take drastic actions. After a failed second attempt by the gunman at Miss Chen's apartment, who now sports a neck brace but manages to escape, Tang Lung and his friends goes to save Miss Chen after being kidnapped by the Mafia boss to sign the contract at his headquarters. The Mafia boss then hires foreign martial artists who have trouble communicating with each other, played by Robert Wall and In Sik Whang, to challenge Tang Lung but he defeats them both with help from friends in a countryside near the Colosseum. The final duel takes place between Tang Lung and the best of the foreign martial artists, Colt (Chuck Norris), in the Colosseum itself. Tang Lung kills Colt, but covers his body with Colt's white gi to show his respect and admiration, and the Mafia boss is finally arrested whilst the other villians are killed. Having solved the problem, Tang Lung departs Rome alone.

Steven Seagal's Best Fight Scenes!-"Must Watch"
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Kwai Chang Caine more than holds his own in a bar room showdown
Clip from the 1972 TV pilot movie "Kung Fu" (75 min)

Lone Wolf McQuade intro
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