1776 VW test run

1776 just built with 36 Dells and a 110 Engle.

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How to Install an Oil Cooler on an AirCooled VW or Dune Buggy Engine
http://www.chircoestore.com We sell a bunch of different styles of oil coolers at Chirco.com and the installation is close to the same.

1964 VW BUG 1776 with Decade Dual 40s Carburetors and it runs Awesome !!
1964 VW BUG 1776 with Decade Dual 40s Carburetors and it sounds and run great. I put mine in it took a little effort that's for sure. Still trying to fine tune the linkage. At this point I feel the Decades (They are like Webers) are well worth the money. They are very active to response, you mash the peddle and they instantly respond. 1776CC,Bug Pack Solid rocker shafts,Big Valve Heads,Bug Pack Forged straight cut cam and crank gears, ACN Heavy Duty Push Rods, EMPI Heavy Duty connecting rods, Counter weighted 8 PIN dowel crank,Decade Dual 40 Carburetors,CB Performance Hex bar, AA Performance Pistons and Jugs, Running low compression.

Bug Running 1
me starting the bug...still have the dual 40 drla, w130 cam, nd 1776cc displacement with a c/w crank...but added an empi 1'5/8 in merged header and an empi phatboy muffler...sounds pretty good...the camara still sucks at picking up the sound as it is reverberating around the back of my garage...enjoy, comment on what you think...by the way this was after a rebuild that my dad and i did in our garage...my pride and joy

VW beetles racing 1776cc and 2007cc
VW beetles doing some laps/ hillclimb/circuit.......green one 1776cc berg engine and black one 2007 cc.........two mates having some fun.......standard gear boxes, some close ratio 3rds would be nice, next time :)