1776 VW test run

1776 just built with 36 Dells and a 110 Engle.

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Just Built 1776cc VW Beetle Bug Motor - POWERFUL!!!! LOUD!
1776cc newly rebuilt by myself. Weber 44mm Carb stock 69mm Crankshaft stock connecting rods 90.5mm Mahle pistons Engle 120 Camshaft Hi Performance lifters with oil gallery (for cam lobes) 042 high performance head with port&polish and 3 angle valve job. Euro tuck Exhaust with J-tubes

1776cc VW beetle motor
1776cc (69mm x 90.5mm) with dual 40 IDF Weber carbs. Engle 120 cam w/ performance lifters. 40mm x 35mm valves (044 heads). Tri-mil Exhaust. Oil/filter pump combo. Flamethrower II coil & points replacement. 009 distributor. 8mm performance plug wires. For a video of this engine running in the car, please click on the link below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WX8E7aF4Bd4

building a 1776!
my sr.project

1965 VW Beetle 1776 Dual Webers Test Drive w/ Built Trans
1965 VW Beetle. Lowered, Narrowed front beam with disc brakes. 145 tires up front, 165's in the back. 1776cc with dual webers. Engine has 500 miles on fresh rebuild. Freeway Flyer/Flier transmission allows this car to cruise at 75 without over revving the engine. New interior including seat covers, carpet, headliner (included but not installed yet) door panels are not year correct. This car is a blast to drive and turns lots of heads. Windshield, back glass, and quarter glass all have new Cal look seals. All paint on this car is original and has great Patina. Nothing to hide on this one. Body has some rust but is pretty solid for the most part. This car is SOLD. Thanks for watching. (208)200-6053 Music by www.incomputech.com. Thanks Kevin.