Street Race 2jz 240sx, 830awhp evo, supra, GTR, Shelby (TRC-First vid-RE-UPLOAD)

Street race 2jz 240sx, 830awhp evo, supra, GTR, Shelby

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$8,800 Grudge Race for "Highway King" Round 1...
Subscribe to our 2nd channel here: =annotation_904895&feature=iv&src_vid=342i_giK6qk The Supra spun and the drive had to lift. Waiting on a rematch.... Join our forum: $8,800 pot: $4,400 a side.

Two 1000+HP Supras battle Texas Streets - TX2K13
Two Toyota Supras making over 1000whp each from Real Street Performance having some street fun! supra

3000HP GOLDEN GORILLA Dewayne "Big Daddy" Mills - EKanoo Racing
This beast of a Camaro is amazing to see in person. We had the pleasure if filming this car at Lights Out 8. I wish we were able to get more footage, but am grateful we got to see it run a bad ass 3.8x in the 1/8th miles. This car SCREAMS!

ULTIMATE Skyline GTR ride along! R32 R33 R34 R35
The Nissan Skyline GTR is a legendary machine and arguably one of the greatest cars Nissan ever produced. Today we bring you along for a ride with Jack Cecil from HP Logic through the greatest years of the GTR platform. R32, R33, R34, and R35!