R35 GTR Promo! **Crazy***

Driving Sport TV "Taming the Serpent Promo" Co-Producer & Editor: Steve Arcenio Association: jmusic company

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R35 GTR and Supra For Sale - $85,000(GT-R) and $65,000(Supra) 253-879-8324
GT-R for sale $85,000. Supra for sale $65,000. for info 253-879-8324. Coming back from a photo shoot we took the liberty of doing a couple of Boost pulls. At one point the Supra looses traction at about 70mph. With more than 800HP traction is the biggest problem. The GT-R on the other hand equipped with a COBB Access Port, HKS GT570 Kit &Legamax Exhaust has low speed wheel spin of all 4 tires. Both cars professionally built and tuned at Illtech Auto Salon in Tacoma WA. For all your GT-R needs. www.illtechauto.com or 253.879.8324

Driving Sports TV - Taming the Serpent: Illtech's R35 GTR
Driving Sports TV takes an exclusive look at Illtech's Nissan R35 GTR project car. Music by jmusiccompany: http://www.myspace.com/jmpro More from Driving Sports TV: http://www.drivingsports.com

Lamborghini Murcielago vs. Nissan GT-R Street Race
Facebook http://on.fb.me/MvsGTR | Tweet! http://bit.ly/GTRvsM READ: The other day in Mexico - Me and Amy lined up my Lamborghini Murcielago (Full Larini Exhaust) vs. the Nissan GT-R Premium (Cobb Y-Pipe & AccessPort). I was very surprised by the outcome! I thought it'd be the exact opposite...the GT-R would pull down low then the Murcielago at higher speeds, but not so. In terms of production quality I think this is probably one of my best videos to date. If you enjoyed it definitely let me know so I can create more like it :) FOLLOW ME: Facebook: http://on.fb.me/RHPage Twitter: http://bit.ly/RHTweets Razzi: http://razzi.me/Robert Instagram: @RobertHimler

Synapse Engineering R35 GTR Exhaust
First time starting up the R35 GTR V6 twin turbo at after we installed the Synapse Engineering Exhaust. The whole Exhaust was made in house and fully custom hand welded to perfection. This Synapse Engineering Nissan GTR Exhaust will be in production for the public to purchase. If you have any questions or would like to purchase Synapse Engineering Products check out www.synapseengineering.com They also have a a wide verity of other Nissan GTR products such as Intercooler piping, intakes, downpipes and more.