sillybeaten breaks tailshaft on the dyno

hq holden snaps tail shaft on the Dyno!

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VL Turbo has a bad day at the track.
You've got to feel sorry for this guy. First he hits the wall and then he breaks the tailshaft. But it has some power, watch it twist up off the line. Sorry guys, I finally got around to fixing the aspect ratio on this video. Now you can watch it how it was meant to be seen. :) I can't believe so many have watched this.

HQ 308 Holden Driving
Got the old girl driving 308 manualised trimatic hurricane headers twin 2.5" hooker aerochamber mufflers 3" dumps

Boss 429 dyno blow up!
Boss 557 on Dyno when everything goes wrong. Had to rush for Dyno time and did not have billet flywheel. We used stock 429 flywheel. Made 6 runs, this was the 7th. 850 hp before the blow.

Torana Snaps Tailshaft on Dyno
This happened a few years back at the South Coast Nationals in Moruya. Notice part of the tailshaft rolling out from under the car. Maybe it had something to do with the 6 cylinder tailshaft!