OMSS Ford EXP And OMSS Camaro Warming The Tires At Central Illinois Dragway!!!

Action From 10-2-2011!!

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G+B Gasser Lighting The Hides At Central Illinois Dragway!!!
Way cool vintage gasser getting ready for action during Nostalgia Weekend!!

Another Wicked OMSS Ford EXP Burnout At Central Illinois Dragway!!!!!!
Action From 10-2-2011!

Arnie Beswick VS. Shake, Rattle, and Run at Central Illinois Dragway!! Round 3
Well, it was hot, muggy, late, and the smell of burning rubber hung in the air. It all came down to this... round 3 between the Arnie Beswick and Shake, Rattle, and Run. Shake, Rattle, and Run did their burnout first, but it was Beswick you got the crowd to go wild with his half track burnout and 100mph back up!! Beswick staged first to get the show on the road, the lights went down and BOOM!!! It was on, bumper to bumper... It was a very close race but in the end, Shake, Rattle, and Run edged Beswick by inches. What a great match race that truly seemed like it was ran 40 years ago!! July 30, 2011

Central Illinois Dragway Monte Carlo GF5R
6.40 @104mph 1.32 60ft 408 SBC Clutchless G-Force GF5R