Darth Vader using the Dark side of the Force (supercharged BMW Z3 M Coupe)

driving my supercharged Z3 M coupe with a darth vader helmet on...

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Volvo S40 T4 Autotech 375whp vs BMW Z3 M Coupe Supercharged 356whp
60-260 km/h

bmw z3 coupe 2.8
18 inch schnitzer

BMW Z3 M Coupe Guerrilla Bypass equipped
This MBW Z3 M Coupeis equipped with our Guerrilla Bypass. The Guerrilla Bypass is a stainless steel Y connector that contains a butterfly valve. with the valve closed, you use the standard Exhaust. With the valve open, you ceate a loud and agrassive Exhaust sound. for more info visit guerrilla-Exhaust.com

BMW Z3M turbo vs. c6 z06 vs c6 z06
Roll racing between The SHU Z3 //M (500+whp) and two modified Corvette C6 Z06's!