Darth Vader using the Dark side of the Force (supercharged BMW Z3 M Coupe)

driving my supercharged Z3 M coupe with a darth vader helmet on...

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Porsche Boxster S chasing BMW Z3M Coupe on Nürburgring
Scrat in Z3M Coupe - light preparation: modified suspensions, Stoptech brakes, semi-slick tires, Eisenmann Exhaust Orelo620 in Boxster S - Carnewal Exhaust, Pagid RS29 brake pads PS: sorry to the red Golf in Schwedenkreuz. I did not see the first yellow flag.

Ghostrider v BMW Z3 M Coupe Chase
Ghostrider chases down a professional driver in a BMW Z3 M coupe.

Bmw Z3M Coupe (Z3 M)diviene ora The Batmobile Drift
Non sapendo come finirla e che colore utilizzare,cosi per scherzo è divenuta la Bat Drift,da utilizzare in manifestazioni di Drifting o derapate.

BMW Z3 Z3M Seat Rail Track Runner Sub Frame Mechanism Bushes Bushings Rocking Repair Kit
Symptoms of fault Seats rocking or sliding forwards and back as you accelerate and brake. Wobbling or excessive movement. This is a very common fault with all Z3 models. The problem The seat rail bushings wear; causing excessive seat movement. The poor quality rubber bushes within the seats sub frame tracks wear, perish or completely disintegrate and ultimately fail causing excess movement in the rails. This causes the symptoms noted above. This is a very common fault with all Z3 models. OEM replacement bushes if fitted would just fail again as these are also made from a poor quality rubber not suited to the application. Vehicles affected All Z3 models Z3 E36 E37 E38 1994-2002 Roadster and Coupe. Z3M M Roadster M Coupe Associated part numbers 52108401291, 52108401292, 52108399593, 52108398812, 52107137499. The solution Fit our upgrade seat runner bushes and stop the excess movement in your seats. Our repair bushes are easy to fit and will cure these faults permanently. Constructed from the proven material Delrin; our part will not deteriorate like the OEM bushes and are designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle. Our kit includes 8x bushes to repair both passenger and drivers seats. An extremely common fault fixed with our repair kit. What you’ll receive: 8 bushes to repair 2x seats; drivers and passengers. Available exclusively from X8R Ltd www.x8r.co.uk