Volvo FH16 700 Sound Road Cruiser Zweden - Ekdahls Akeri

De Volvo FH16 op het truckstar festival voor de verkiezing special painting!

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Volvo FH12 520 Reaching For The Stars
Crazy Jacob lifting the front wheels from the ground on the Volvo FH 12 520 8x4 truck when pulling up a heavy container with asphalt :) Come and follow us on Facebook... struction-Videos-On-Youtube/109677702432267

Volvo FH16-Road Cruiser
Ekdahls Volvo FH16, 700 Hk.

2x Scania V8 The Legend & The King - Meganck Collewaert from Belgium
2 Scania V8 Trucks by Meganck Collewaert transport from Belgium, arrives at the Truck Show of truckstar Festival 2015 on the TT Circuit in Assen (In the Netherlands). 2 Scania V8 Trucks van Meganck Collewaert transport uit België, komt aan bij het Truckstar Festival 2015 op het TT-Circuit in Assen. Thanks for watching ;).

volvo fh16 580 dump truck.avi
volvo fh16 580 dump truck.