Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette vs Viper vs TT Supra

Callaway twin turbo Corvette street racing, at 180 mph!

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Callaway Corvette Twin Turbo, Z06 & Viper vs Turbo Integra Type R
This is not my Integra. I love Callaway TT Corvettes. Callaway Twin turbo, Z06, Viper, Integra turbo on the highway. If your comment contains profanity or will make us all dumber by reading it, the comment won't be posted.

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750 HP Callaway Corvette Aerowagen - One Take
Use discount code TST to get 10% off your first order and free shipping (includes Coffee Subscriptions!) of these delicious small batch roasts at Bee Line Coffee! This Callaway Aerowagen combines two of Callaway's Corvette packages into one: The $15,000 Aerowagen hatch conversion, available for all C7 Corvettes, and the $18,000 Z06 Power Kit, which brings power and torque up to a fully warrantied 757 HP and 775 lb/ft. Though fun is hampered a bit by GM's sluggish automatic transmission, the Aerowagen is one of the fastest, most terrifying new cars I've driven in some time. Learn more about it at:

4000hp CORVETTE TAKES FLIGHT !!! Tulsa Raceway Park
One of the most INSANE drag racing passes we have filmed in the last 17 years. Daniel Pharris driving Andrew Alepa's beautiful Twin turbo Corvette -vs- Brandon Pesz during the Radial Revenge event at Tulsa Raceway Park. Driver was out and OK but the car took a brutal hit. It looks like it could have been much worse if the front clip had not peeled off mid flight.