Elvis Presley and His Cars: A True Story about His Favorite Cadillac

Elvis Presley loved cars--take a look inside his (truly) favorite Cadillac! This is the story about Elvis Presley's 1972 Custom Cadillac Station Wagon and why Elvis loved it! (Note: This car has since been SOLD -- it is no longer for sale, but please enjoy the video!) A PERSONAL NOTE: (added in March 2012) [See more details below] I created this video as a tribute to Elvis Presley, one of my favorite philanthropists of all time. Revisiting it now, two years and 16,792 views later, I'm excited to say I still receive calls from this video today, even though the car sold long ago -- a testimony to the amazing power of YouTube videos! I'm also increasingly amazed at the power of creating and watching my own PERSONAL visualization videos (posted elsewhere on this channel). They've been almost magically effective in helping me clarify my vision, increase my passion & focus, and form the strategic partnerships necessary to fulfill my dream of making a huge positive difference in the world. To take this a step further, I've recently created a virtual community called the "Friends of Virgin Unite" group on Linkedin.com in support of Virgin Unite, my #1 favorite charitable foundation. If you share my passion to make a huge positive difference, I invite you to join us today! Create a Linkedin profile, then follow this link to join our group: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?about=&gid=4322881 See you there! (And please mention you learned about us on YouTube!) =====================================================

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