2k11Saturday Night

The 2nd part of the 2k11 experience for a few individuals who felt like hitting the streets and seeing how the car they built, compares to others.

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TX 2K11
Pics and video of cars at Frankenstein's car meet and hwy runs.

All filming done from bolt on and gears LS2 GTO. First night out for us. Friday. Will update with one from saturday as well.

TX2K11 night meet madhouse
There had to been over 1000 people at any one time. It was nuts. There was a lot of crappy cars came through and there were alot of really cool cars as well. At one point a hell flush dude decided to show off and ate a speedbump...good stuff

Pre TX2K11
This video is pre- going to Houston, Texas for the TX2K11 race.