Omega Vs 67 Bug

Travis in the Omega VS. Mark in the Bug at Brainerd, MN. Both have big block Olds motors

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1973 Oldsmobile Omega for sale
1973 Oldsmobile Omega. Mango Orange. 350 and loaded! Rides and drives like a scalded dog ;) 67,000 original mi. Original tags and plates and also 25-year historical tags. Original manual. This car goes to the highest bidder. Will consider trading for a charger or another nice car and cash to boot. Call 937-466-2656, if interested and ask for Robert.

1974 OldsMobile Omega drag racer startup
my dad starting up his Omega to get the engine fluid running. he use to drag race it 15 years ago and was one of the fastest drag racers

1969 chevrolet ss big-block chevelle w/nasty 468 ci. motor

cordell burnout contest
2009 pumpkin festival winner 1978 oldsmobile omega