Acura Integra Driven by Ja Rule in The Fast and Furious! The only remaining car of this kind from the 1st Fast and Furious! Lots of mods...looks great :D

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Blown 454 big block powered acura integra
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

integra vs srt4
Launch Fail! LOL... but good race anyways! hope you like it! coment and subscribe for more racing videos and some other good stuff... :D

Integra USDM To JDM ITR Front End Conversion W/ HID
Newly installed HID Kit for the USDM model then got into an accident days later. Perfect time for a front end conversion to get the real deal. Still looking like a project car though.

Ja Rule Details Prison Experience: They Respected Me - Ja Rule sat down with VladTV and shared his opinion on fans believing he's broke, placing family over material possessions, his experience behind bars, and how gun laws in NYC simply don't make sense. The Queens native starts out saying he knows there are fans out there who believe he's broke simply because he doesn't have a huge hit on the radio. Rule says it doesn't bother him whether or not people believe he has money, as he learned in prison that material things are not as important as his family and personal relationships. He also briefly addressed his time behind bars, saying he had the respect of his fellow inmates, often hanging out with them on a regular basis with no problems, as they recognized the real in him and never started any issues. He also takes responsibility for his actions, but feels that New York State gun laws need to be reworked drastically.