How to adjust the TDI fuel injection pump quantity adjuster with hammer mod

See for more details on how to do this mod. Please read it before attempting to do this so you understand what you're doing.

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VW TDI ALH Injection Pump Quantity Adjuster Bad?
From what research I have done and found on the internet, the quantity adjuster in my injection pump is bad. I'm thinking due to trash/metal particles under what is seen in the video. To my understanding, when the ignition switch is switched on, the QA needle should do a full sweep and return, this one sticks and then eventually returns. This is what I believe is causing a hard code of "17970 - Quantity Adjuster (N146) P1562 - 35-10 - Upper Limit Reached - Intermittent" This causes the car to surge at idle. If I am wrong or correct, post and let me know! :-)

How to tune up your TDI
Today i show ya how to tune up your Diesel engine. In the injector cleaning part of the video, i dont explane part one, since its not very safe, however, you dont need to do the first stage, stage two (boiling in the engine oil) will usually work perfect. add some off the shelf ATF to really clean them up.

Adjusting ALH Injection Pump Timing
In this video we will follow Corey from as he adjusts the injection pump timing on a 2003 Jetta TDI with engine code ALH. He will overview both the mechanical adjustment and show the TDI Timing Graph feature of VCDS. Please note that the test car is running a custom tune, therefore some things may appear different on this car than in your car. ***IMPORTANT*** If the three bolts on your injection pump sprocket are not GOLD in color they MUST be replaced. The new style bolts are available here: Diesel Parts & Accessories for Volkswagens, Mercedes, BMWs, Jeeps, Sprinters, & more since 2005 Blog @

ALH injection pump quantity adjustment
Is your TDI engine shaking at idle? This was our solution. This can easily be misdiagnosed. A bad dual mass flywheel or bad clutch or clogged fuel filter, obstruction in the tank can have same symptoms. This pump was leaned way out but increase the idle and it went away. The customer put on a new fuel filter but made no difference. THANKS FOR WATCHING