How to adjust the TDI fuel injection pump quantity adjuster with hammer mod

See for more details on how to do this mod. Please read it before attempting to do this so you understand what you're doing.

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Today i show ya how to tune up your Diesel engine. In the injector cleaning part of the video, i dont explane part one, since its not very safe, however, you dont need to do the first stage, stage two (boiling in the engine oil) will usually work perfect. add some off the shelf ATF to really clean them up.

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Is your TDI engine shaking at idle? This was our solution. This can easily be misdiagnosed. A bad dual mass flywheel or bad clutch or clogged fuel filter, obstruction in the tank can have same symptoms. This pump was leaned way out but increase the idle and it went away. The customer put on a new fuel filter but made no difference. THANKS FOR WATCHING