1980 Dodge Diplomat Coupe - late 2011 street run

Quick stroll down the street...

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1980 Dodge Diplomat Coupe - 2013 post-Woodward Video
Quick shot of the 'almost' finished project...needs more tuning, but it's basically small stuff for this combo from now on....until the next big thing that is...lol!

1980 Dodge Diplomat Coupe - 360 idle walk around car
1980 Dodge Diplomat Coupe - 360 engine, headers, 3" custom X-pipe Exhaust, Hooker MaxFlow mufflers. Engine break-in run, idle speed walk around.

1980 Volare Road Runner Stroker BURNOUT Adirondack Nationals 2009
Made a little burnout with my Road Runner at the Adirondack Nationals in Lake George NY. first, second, third gear and let it go then hide IT !!! :-p

1980 Dodge Aspen R/T
Just got it home after sitting in a farm field for 10 years and a driveway on stands for 6 years. Started right up (with new battery) then drove on 16 year old gas. I bet new engines wont do that.