Porsche 911 2.4 S restoration

porsche 911 RS built on original porsche 911 2.4 S 1972 chassis :- 9112300623

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1969 Porsche 911S Restoration - Part 1
This is Part 1, of my 911S restoration project. Back to bare metal, original paint and colour scheme, with original engine. As I possess none of the skills required for this task, I will ensure I do not turn a single nut during the project. Alex Ward who cut his teeth on 356s back in Ol' Blighty, will prepare the body shell for painting, have it painted back to the original black, while Glyn Jones at www.autothority.co.nz checks the engine out and does whatever's needed to get it running sweetly. The black interior it now has will have the seats, rear panels and door panels replaced with the correct red colour. The plan is to have it registered and complete in August this year. The car will be the perfect Red And Black mobile, for Canterbury supporters. The awful video transitions and effects are courtesy of the utterly useless and very frustrating "VideoPad" editing software. I'm almost desperate enough to go back to "Microsoft Movie Maker". :P

Nettoyage Cryogénique Moteur Porsche 911 par décapsoft - cryosoft
Decap'soft, à travers son département cryogénie a nettoyer ce moteur de Porsche 911 de 1987, par projection de glace carbonique. http://www.decapsoft.com/restauration-automobile/nettoyage-moteur/

1969 Porsche 911S Restoration - Part 2 - Engine tear down [HD]
Today I finally get to see how badly damaged the motor is. The engine apparently ran prior to dismantling, but having now seen inside the engine, we can add a qualifier to that; "running very poorly". So we'll upgrade the cam tensioners, replace the bearings, and do everything necessary to get it back into prime condition. And with the 7,500 rpm redline, this little 2-litre should prove to be "quite entertaining", once operational!

porsche 911 3 0l sc targa restauration