Chevy Colorado Gibson Exhaust

Really old video I found of when I had just put on a gibson Exhaust the day before. The sound got a lot deeper than in the video but I couldn't wait to show people on coloradofans. I can't remember but I'm pretty sure I had a new intake at the time also and I obviously had a pcm tune (hence the limiter is gone)

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Chevy colorado aero turbine muffler
2008 chevy colorado 3.7 with aero turbine at2525. truck has no cats and jumps up 4" pipe right past the muffler. ignore my ghetto wire hanger this was to get an idea of exit and will be changed a bit

Colorado 2005 Magnaflow
Have dual magnaflow Exhaust..

Borla Exhaust for 2015-2017 3.6L V6 Chevy Colorado & GMC Canyon
Hear and compare Borla's S-Type Exhaust against the stock system.

2015 Chevy Colorado exhaust
Vehicle: 2015 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 3.6L V6 Part installed: Magnaflow catback Exhaust (model# 19018) Price: $675 after tax (may vary) Supplier: (also try Time to install: It took me about 1 hour and 15 minutes by myself. Tools: Jack and jack stands not necessary, but they will give you more room to work (I didn't use them). Pliers and WD40 to remove Exhaust hangers from rubber holders. 15mm socket and torque wrench for clamps and flange connecting inlet to flex pipe. That's it! Instructions: Magnaflow provides instructions that are very clear and easy to follow. I recommend that you download the pdf online because the pictures on the paper instructions are black and white, not to mention a little faded.