Nyce1s Clips - Low Budget Tuning @ E-Town April 2010!!

Here is some footage of Low Budget Tuning and 3 of their cars as they get ready for the 2010 season!!! Checkout for more videos!!!

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Low Budget Tuning | All Motor EG's | Cisco 10.68 @ 128mph and QueenBseries 11.29 @ 119mph
OGS1320 Street Wars at Englishtown Raceway Park 3/9/14 The Low Budget Tuning team was out with 2 cars today Cisco's K Series and Erin QueenBseries with her B18, both cars are EG's and weigh in the 19XXlbs with driver. Cisco ran 10.75 @ 126mph, then ran a personal best 10.68 @ 128mph. Erin was consistent all day going 11.49, 11.38, 11.31, and 11.29 @ 119mph which was just off her personal best of 11.25. Watch for more of these All Motor cars as they try to lower there times all season. Videos Brought to you by Instagram @ERacerProductions - Aki's HI-Boost 1.9 Honda Civic All Motor K-Series Race Video!!
Here is Aki of Hi-Boost 1.9 and his Honda Civic Hatchback. The car has a K20 powerplant. Congrats to him on his 2 day back to back win at Englishtown's Fall national's event!! You want Nyce1s decals?? Click here !! Check us out at !!! Checkout for more videos !! - Aki's Turbo Honda Civic & HI-Boost 1.9 Visit JR Racing!!!!
Checkout the footage as Hi-Boost's Aki goes legal at JR Racing. Checkout for more videos.

Nyce1s Clips - Chris A.'s A.K.A. Killacoupe VW Golf All Motor 24v VR6 Street Car!!
Checkout this video of Chris A. aka KillaCoupe's All Motor 24v VR6 VW Golf Street Car!!! Checkout for more videos!!!